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Ai Otori is the protagonist of Yumeutstusu Re:Master and it's sequel Yumeutstusu Re:After. In Yumeutstusu Re:Master,she serves as the protagonist of the first part of the game, and all the routes exepted in Nana's route where she serves as the deuteragonist . In Yumeutstusu Re:After she serves as the protagonist of Kokoro's story,Saki's story and Honoka's story, the deuteragonist of Nana's story and one of the two protagonists (alongside Marie Malher) of Marie's story.

She is an employe at Eureka Software and is in charge of many tasks, one of them being to help at the development of Nie Majo

She is voiced by Maya Yoshioka.


Ai has long brown haire and blue eyes. She generally wear a pink shirt and a green skirt with flower patterns.


Ai is generaly kind with others and is happy to help them when they asks. She is often afraid by Saki because of her temperament especially when she use her little roar. She also loves Kokoro very much and often tries to reconciles with her despite the latter being hostile to her.


Ai was once close to her step-sister Kokoro where her mother and Kokoro's were married. The two even kissed several times. They stayed close even after their mother divorced. However one day, Ai received a message from Kokoro telling to not contact her anymore. This really broked Ai on the inside.

Almost three days later, she was contacted by the president of Eureka Software company who was known to having created the series NieMajo which Ai played many times. The mail also said that Kokoro worked here and that they needed Ai to save her. Ai seeing a chance see Kokoro again decides to accept the job proposition.

Yumeutsutsu Re:Master

First Part

On her first day of her, she goes to Eureka Software and is welcome by Nana Tachibana, a part-time worker dressed as a maid. Thinking that she went to the wrong place by seeing Nana, Ai leaves but decide later to come again and is once again welcome by Nana who makes her enter and choose a place for her. Ai is also welcome by Banako, the president's dog and also the vice-president of the company.

Honoka Daigo, the president of the company later comes and explain Ai her job that is to walk the dog and sometimes helping the teams who needs help. When Ai asks where is Kokoro, Honoka answer that she is in day off for many days and that she will return at the end.

One day when she comes earlier at the office, she sees a little girl washing in the washbasin, she is first surprise but is later order to get out by the latter, but before Ai can leaves, the girl present herself as Saki Mugendo, she is an author and the scenario writer of Eureka Software.

The day when Kokoro comes back, she is acting cold towards Ai and talk to her like she was a stranger to her. And everytime Ai calls her Kokoro, she will correct her and tell her to call her Yanagiya. Latter all employes of Euroka Software goes to restaurants to welcome Ai in the company. Ai tries to act normal by has an hard time due to how Kokoro acts towards her. At the end when Kokoro leaves, Ai decide to catch her and asks her why she is cold toward her and why she told her to not contacts her anymore 3 years ago. But the only thing Kokoro answer is "Demon" and later leaves. Ai wonders why Kokoro said that until Nana catches her. Upon seeing that Ai doesn't feel well, Nana will asks if she need support, by crying in her boobs, which Ai politly declines. They later leaves with Ai wondering by what Kokoro meaned to say.

One day, Eureka Software is searching for a game artist. Ai will find many draws on internet to see which one she would choose. She finally choose one and contact her for a meeting to see if that person can be the game artist. At appointment day, she wait at the place where she should meet the person where her bag is stolen by i thieve. There she see someone kicks the thieve and bring back the bag to her. It was the person that Ai was supposed to meet. She presents herself as Marie Malher. Ai then bring Marie to Eureka Software and will be engaged as the new game artist. Marie then tanks Ai for finding her. Marie will then live next to Ai and Nana. Upon coming back they see womens in black suit. Marie tells them that the are her body guard and that this is part of a military operation. After Marie explained everything, her, Ai and Nana go back to their appartements.

One day, Ai is asked by Honoka to go the the Tokyo Game Show alongside Kokoro which greatly annoys the latter. Honoka did that so that Ai could learn about the kind of project game company can work at and also so that Ai could talk to Kokoro. Once the day of the Tokyo Game Show arrives, Ai and Kokoro reunite. When Ai tries to talk to Kokoro, the latter always tries to stop the conversation claming she only accepted for the work. Once they are in the Tokyo Game Show, Ai tries differents stands notably some with VR Games. When Ai has too much fun with it, Kokoro remind her that they are here for work. Once they leave the Tokyo Game Show, in the train, Ai can talk to Kokoro and say nothing. If she talks to Kokoro she will insist despite Kokoro trying to cut the conversation. She will notably asks why she told her to not contact her anymore 3 years ago and while she is calling her a demon. But Kokoro doesn't give clear answer and ask Ai to not approach her if it's not related to work from now on.

One day, Honoka informs Ai that she will have a new assignement which is to manage Saki. Which Ai agrees despite being afraid of her. After attempting to wake her up, Saki wakes up by herself and informs Ai that she is the one who asked Ai to manage her thinking Kokoro useless for that. Ai is another day asked by Honaka to be the company manager, which does not please Kokoro. Ai can accept the job or not.

One day, Marie wants to visits Akibahara. However her superiors disagree because they think it's too dangerous. However, Honoka with the help of a contact, arrange Marie's trip to Akibahara alongside Ai and Nana. When the 3 arrives, Marie wants to visits many things. They first start by an adult shop where are many erotic magazines. Ai embarassed to see that decide to wait outside, followed by Nana. After Marie finished, they go to a maid cafe, which made Marie admiring. At the end of the day, Marie thanks Ai and Nana come with her there.

Many days later, Honoka decided to take everyone at the beach, while Ai, Nana and Marie were happy about it, this was not the case for Saki and Kokoro. Honoka asks all the girls to put bikinis and make a contest for which Ai will have too choose between Kokoro, Saki, Nana and Marie. Once Ai has choosen, Honoka announce that the winner has gain a date with Ai at the bad surprise of the latter. The evening, Ai tries to calm everyone which most of them are drunk, but thinking it's useless decide to leaves. Outside on the beach, she will meet Kokoro and propose her a walk, which Kokoro will accept. Later when they talk, Kokoro say "come back to me" to Ai. But at the same time, a tide happened, which caused Ai to not hearing all of what Kokoro was saying. When she asked Kokoro to repeat herself, Kokoro answer that it is nothing and then leaves.

Kokoro's route

Over the time, Ai will succeed step by step to reconcile with Kokoro, notably by leaving a latter which explain that she miss her.

One day, Ai decides to cut her hair short. When she goes to work, she is welcome by Nana who finds her cute. However she couldn't handle her lust by seeing Ai with this haircut due to how cute Nana found her and tried to do inapropriate things to Ai until Marie stops her. While Ai thanks Marie, the latter has soon the same lust has Nana and tries to make a move before being stop by Nana. Marie then apologize for that. When Kokoro arrives at the office, she is suprise to see Ai's new haircut. Ai greets her, however Kokoro soon become enraged, calling Ai a demon a goes to beat her while claiming this is Ai's hair. Kokoro is then stopped by Nana and Marie who then tells Ai to leave to get a rest. Honoka hearing the news latter gave Ai a day off. The days later, Kokoro will have a scary attitude toward Ai every time they meet, with indication that she was ready to kill her.

Over the time, Ai will learn that she is not the real Ai but is in fact Nie, one of the two characters of NieMajo. Kokoro will soon visit her and tells her that she is not Kokoro but in fact Majo, the other chatacter of NieMajo. Kokoro also explain that she knew that Ai wasn't really Ai because a kiss their share felt different from the kiss their usually shared. Kokoro knowing that neither her or Ai are the real ones, asks to Ai that they commit suicide together with poison, which Ai refuses. Kokoro sensing that Ai didn't trust her, decided to take two glass of water while telling one of them contains poison. She then tells Ai the one without poison. Ai can drink the one Kokoro suggested or drink the two, which never of them being poisoned. Ai showed that she trusted Kokoro and instead of suicide propose that they find a way to return to their home and to bring back the real Ai and Kokoro, which Kokoro will accepts.

The next day, at the office, when NieMajo is completed, Ai and Kokoro ask Honoka to change one of the ending so that Nie and Majo could live happily, thinking by doing they could go backto their world. However Honoka refuses as the game is finished and will soon be released. Because of that, a vote is made with Ai,Kokoro,Honoka,Nana,Saki and Marie to see if they should change the ending or not. However the votes always end in a draw between the two party. This will be the case during many days until Saki decided to vote for changing the ending. Thought Honoka being the president could just decide to not change the ending, she decides instead to accept at the condition that they finish in two weeks.

During these two weeks, all of them will work in order to create the new ending, with Saki being concentrated. During these days, Ai will receive many mails from an unkwown person asking to stop the developement of the game claming there will be consequence of she refuses. These consequences being, put piments in Nana's coffe,Booby-trapped to sofa and causing a high climat in the office. During the developement, Saki suggest that Nie and Majo are in fact sisters and asks Ai and Kokoro to find real names for them. Ai and Kokoro will comes up with the Name of Yume and Utsutsu. One day later, the factory has announced that the delay for the new ending is shortened by two days. Ai then send an email to the mysterious person who asked them to stop the game to see if that was their doing. However the person claims that they wouldn't do something so mean. The night in Ai appartement, Kokoro ask her that they renounce to continue the game and instead that they continue to live their love story as Nie and Majo.

Good ending

Ai is attempted to accepts Kokoro's proposition, however she knows that this isn't right and decide to refuse. She then receives a new mail, and later asks Kokoro if she had also received mails. It is then revealed that she received mails from the unkown person trying to persuade her to live in the real world with Ai. Ai then decide to send a mail to the person telling that she will not stop the game no matter what the person tried to stop her. While they continue the game, Marie is blocked as she don't known how to draw the place of promise which is where Nie and Majo are supposed to end. One day however, Ai receive a mail from the unknown person. This email contains a drawing from the place of promise, Ai upon seeing that decide to give it to Marie so that she can finish the drawing. In the last day, they managed to finish the game. Ai and Kokoro are then transported into an other world, the place that Ai and Kokoro had been dreaming the whole time. They then gain Nie and Majo's appearence and went to the place of promise. When they arrives, they see the real Ai and Kokoro with Kokoro sleeping on Ai's knees. Ai then revealead that she is the one who has been trying to stop them from completing the game due to wanting to stay in piece with Kokoro forever. However Kokoro wanted to come back to the real world with Ai, so she has been trying to make sure that the game was completed. It's because of that that Ai decided to help them by sending the drawing. After their conversation Ai and Kokoro goes back to the real world.

Many days later, one year after Ai joined Eureka Sofware, the two sisters go home. Upon arriving they are greeted with a suprise party to celebrate the first year of Ai in the company with everyone from the office, Nie and Majo. The latter have been able to transport in the real world. In the end, Ai and Kokoro decide that no matter the difficulties they have in the future, they will face them together.

Bittersweet ending

Ai decided to accept Kokoro's feelings. For many days the two will continue their story while having abandonned to finish the game. Eventually, Ai finished to become Nie completly. The same happen for Kokoro with Majo. One day they decided to commit suicide together like in NieMajo. For that they travels by plain to a old castle which has served of souce of inspiration for the castle in NieMajo. Once they arrived they takes poison, take hands and waits until their death together.

Saki's Route

From there, Ai will continue to work as a manager for Saki and the two will eventually become closer. One evening during the Awa Odori festival, Ai goes to the festival alongside Saki(who only goes because of Honoka's order), Nana and Marie. Eventually Ai and Saki go back to the office to continue to work on NieMajo scenario but they meet Kokoro who is angry that the two had fun outside instead of working (and also because she wanted to go to the festival with them). As the dispute intensifies between Saki and Kokoro, the latter loses her tempers and slaps Saki many times. In function of the player choice Ai can try to stop Kokoro or doing nothing due to being afraid.

Days later, Ai go to Honoka's office where are also Saki and Kokoro where Saki tell them that she had the scenario almost finished. However due to not thinking that this scenario would be good enough and not wanting it to be used, Saki destroyed the hard drive which contained the scenario by throwing it by the window. Ai and Kokoro go to see if the hard drive is still good, but unfortunatly nothing can be restored much to Kokoro's annoyance. Saki then join them and tell them that se had quit Eureka Software which what makes Ai sad. Saki thanks Ai for all she had done before leaving.

For many days, Ai will have no news from Saki. One day she recover an USB key which belonged to Saki. She decide to look inside reluctantly and found many privates informations of Saki such as her banque account number. She also finds a debit for a cyber-cafe at Akibahara. Ai thinking that this is where Saki went decided to go there. Once she arrived she finds Saki in a room who have been working on NieMajo scenario for all this time. Ai thinking that it would be bad for Saki to live like that, ask her to live in her apartment. Though she is first reluctant, Saki decides to accept and both leave the cyber-cafe.

One they arrive at Ai's apartment, Ai let Saki sleep in her bed. The next day, Ai decides that she will support Saki so that she can write the scenario in good conditions. For many days, the two will do that without Eureka Software knowing it for a time. When Kokoro learn it, she often pass by Ai's apartment to see how the scenario progress. Despite advancing, Saki has more difficulties and less motivation to write it, and one day she finally decide to stop.

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