Aiden L. was a werewolf and a true supporting protagonist of the Originals. This makes him a false antagonist as He is first introduced as a villain as him and his werewolf pack threaten Marcel and his vampires but when he realizes that Cassie and Finn use teenage werewolves to be in the full moon and his brother is one of them, him and a redeemed Oliver team up with Hayley, Marcel and Elijah to move the teenage wolves to the Bayou, which succeeds.

Aiden was the boyfriend of Josh Rosza, a vampire but their love could be unrequited as their species are in conflict but like the Romeo and Juliet inspired story (much like Josh's witch best friend Davina Claire and her season one love interest Timothy). Near the end of the second season, Aiden was killed by Dahlia in an attempt to frame Niklaus Mikaelson and further fracture the Mikaelson Family.


Aiden was one of several leaders of the Crescent Wolf Pack who report to their Alpha, Jackson. He cared about the well being of his people, and will do whatever it takes to help them, even making a deal with, and betraying, the witches. Despite being on opposite sides, he did not appeared to hold any real ill feelings towards the vampires, showing a much more liberal approach to life such as when he had dinner with Josh. He was also very shy when it comes to Josh.

Unlike most members of the Crescent Wolf Pack - Aiden was never arrogant, selfish, power-hungry or disloyal - nor was he nonchalant in disregard for innocent lives and, unlike Jackson, he knew the difference between being brave and foolish, as Aiden had respect for Klaus the original hybrid, knowing full well what his capabilities are.

Although reluctant to betray his friend, Aiden began spying on Jackson for Klaus. He did this to become the new alpha of the pack as he had started to doubt Jackson's ability to perform his responsibilities as a worthy leader.

Powers and Abilities

Aiden possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a werewolf. Due to the wedding ceremony being completed, Aiden along with the rest of the pack now had new abilities which include turning at will, it was unknown if he was as strong and fast like non-original werewolf-vampire hybrids.

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