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Aika Sumeragi is the main protagonist of Agent Aika, AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission, and AIKa Zero.

In Japanese version, she was voiced by Rei Sakuma as a adult, and by Ami Koshimizu as a teenager. In the English version, she was voiced by Debora Rabbai as a adult, and by Cristina Valenzuela as a teenager.


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Aika appears as a young woman with red lipstick, blue eyes, and brown hair which she ties at the back of her head, and rather large breasts. Her main outfit consists of a long sleeve red jacket with white at the end of the sleeves, a white collar with a green bead, her golden bustier under her jacket, a tight red skirt, red high heels, and white panties. She has fair white skin. When she activates her bustier, her appearance changes to long blue hair, dark skin, a white bra, and white panties. She also, however, keeps the collar and the shoes in this form. At the beginning of the first episode of Agent Aika, she wears an orange bra, and orange panties. When infiltrating the Delmo base, she wears a gray tube top, and blue panties. In Aika R-16 Virgin Mission, she has shorter hair, which she wears down, and a long-sleeved, short red dress. In Aika Zero, she wears a white shirt and a blue tie underneath a long-sleeve red jacket, and a black microskirt.


Aika Sumeragi is a beautiful woman who works as a "Salvager", a scuba diver hunting for valuables under the sea, in a little family-owned company managed by the father-daughter team of Gozo and Rion Aida.

After recovering the Lagu, Aika and Rion are captured by an effeminate but oversexed man named Rudolf Hagen, who wants the Lagu so that he can bring about The End of the World as We Know It and repopulate the planet with his own descendants; to that end, he has created an army of scantily-clad and skilled women called the Delmo Corporation. Aika has a secret, though: when she was younger, she was the victim of some nasty experiments, and as a result, she possesses a super corset that transforms her into a superpowered version of herself. When Hagen discovers Aika's secret, he thinks she will do fine in his harem. After Aika rejects the prospect, she takes it upon herself to find a way to defeat Hagen, his even more disturbing sister, and his entire army with the help of Rion, Gusto, a Salvager who has a crush on Aika, Bandra, and the enigmatic spy Miss Maypia.