Pameruku laluku laliloli poppun!
~ Aiko Senoo

Aiko Senoo (also known as Mirabelle Haywood in the English dub) is one of the seven witch apprentices of the series, Ojamajo Doremi.

Aiko is very athletic, rude, and short-tempered (as per her personality), being very popular with many kids on the first few days she came to Misora Elementary, due to being able to stand up to even the toughest of kids, such as Kotake. She later became friends with Doremi and Hazuki.


Aiko Senoo
Aiko is a tan girl with blue split-curled hair and blue eyes. She wears a green shirt, a brown vest, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Aiko has two bathing suits: her first is a bikini with a light top and dark bikini bottom. Her second bathing suit was a one piece with light and dark blue.


Aiko is an extroverted girl who has split-curled hair. She is a transfer student from Osaka and speaks in Kansai-ben, a Japanese dialect originating in Osaka. Her parents are divorced, so she lives with her father, a taxi driver, while her mother, a nurse, works in Osaka. She loves both her parents very much and wishes for them to get back together, even going so far as to attempt forbidden magic to do so. She is also the most athletic girl in her elementary school. Aiko has a short temper, but she is not as hot-headed as Majo Rika. In the end, she and her parents move back to Osaka and lives happily with them and her grandpa. In the end of the series, she moved back to Osaka with her family.


  • Aiko is great in every single sport she plays, except swimming.
  • Aiko is very similar to Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.
  • Aiko is the 3rd oldest.


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