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Kid, if you want to win the gunpla battle do it by yourself!
~ Aila to Lucas who later motivated by her words to be professional Build Fighter in future

Aila Jyrkiäinen (アイラ・ユルキアイネン Aira Yurukiainen) is a character that appears in the Gundam Build Fighters television series and the Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars television special. Aila is the main heroine of the series who previously works with Nemesis, an organization wanted to gain bunch promotion with any means even need to abuse her with Embody System.

She is voiced by Saori Hayami in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Vicky Allington in the English version of the anime.



For the first time, Aila is a very quiet girl and always looks with a lack of emotion. However, this seems to be a front, as she can express emotions, as shown in her encounter with Reiji. Similar to him, Aila is an enormous appetite and likes to buy or try a lot of food. Due to what already done to Nemesis toward her, Aila dislikes Gunpla battle, claim it very pathetically. Aila wanted to stop having Gunpla Battle and life as a normal girl, but she couldn't help because she knows she has no idea about her own life due she has grown as an orphan. After Aila freed from Nemesis' influence, she becomes more lively and outspoken. This reaches a zenith where Aila asks China to help her construct a custom Gunpla, hoping to spend more time with Reiji as well as desiring a rematch with him.


Grow up as an orphan street little girl in Finland, in her youth, Aila already shown to have the unique ability able to see Plavsky particle flow and able to predict the battle. Because of her ability, she was found by Flana institute and Nemesis, and Nine Barthes wanted to recruit her to be part of Nemesis. However, due to the numerous experiments and regime the institute imposed on her, she came to dislike Gunpla Battle. At some point, when Barthes wanted to her to have training again, she nagged at him that she is quit and feel bored. However, Barthes berate her because she already paid for it and threaten her to back to her old life full of poverty and scold her to not using rude words to him.


  • Aila character is a combination to Allenby Breadsley from G-Gundam and Soma Peries from Gundam 00. Aila shares similar characteristics with Soma/Marie (coincidentally, both their suit number series (Soma Tieren Taozi and Ahead Smultron with Aila gunplay miss sizable) have their initial name, SP for Soma Peries and AC for Aila Custom) and share similar personality with Allenby.
  • She seems to rely more on her suit's funnels then using her close-quarters weaponry while fighting in her Qubeley Papillion. The fighting style is similar to Cyber-Newtype pilots such as Elpeo Ple and Marida Cruz.
  • Because of her outspoken personality, Aila considers being Tsundere.