Aion is a member of Shingan CrimsonZ and the guitarist.


Aion has long, messy blond hair. He wears a dark purple suit with a long tail. He wears dark purple gloves and boots. When in Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a lion with pale blond mane and mocha-like skin with red eyes. Always seen with Shingan Crimsonz with a pose.


Aion seems to be calm and serious, but he likes to get attention, to point he almost always makes poses at every moment. He thinks very highly of himself, so much he refers himself as god.


  • His theme seems to be like a vampire.
  • His guitar is named Holy Arc.
  • Aion is a name for a Greek god of time.
  • He refers himself as a god.
  • Out of all the members in Shingan Crimzonz, he is the only one with white scleras if you look closely in their eyes.
  • He loves darkness, black and god.
  • He seems to hate going out.
  • He was a victim of a dark monster (seen in episode 7 and 8) but was not turned into a dark monster thanks to his band mates.
  • His Holy Ark (guitar) is seen without chains in human form, but when in Myumon form, there are chains in a criss-cross pattern.
  • According to Rom, Aion only talks when he strikes a pose and that he has the most talent and passion on music.
  • Aion is the only member of Shingan Crimsonz to not have his sclera changed to red in his Myumon form.
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