Aisling is the deuteragonist of the 2009 traditionally animated movie The Secret of Kells.

The Secret of Kells

Aisling is a curious and spirited fairy who lives deep in the woods next to Brendan's village. She is reclusive, but kind, and when Brendan comes into the woods, he is attacked by wolves but saved by Aisling, who tells him to leave her forest. The two of them make a deal in which Aisling helps Brendan find berries to make ink for the Book of Iona. They become fast friends, and Brendan goes into the forest, even though he is forbidden to do so, and goes to see her from time to time. Aisling, who often takes the form of a white wolf, helps Brendan on his mission throughout the whole film and gives up her personal wants to get him out of tight situations.

Song of the Sea

Aisling (or at least a girl dressed as her), makes a cameo on the bus that Ben and Saoirse travel on.


  • Aisling's name is pronounced ASH-ling.
  • She is voiced by Christen Mooney.
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