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Queen Aja Tarron is one of the main protagonists of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing as a minor protagonist of the first installment, Trollhunters, the main protagonist of the second installment, 3Below, is mentioned in the third installment, Wizards, and is set to appear in the feature film, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.

She was the Queen-in-Waiting of Akiridion-5 disguised as a human girl who didn't want to face the responsibilities of that position and wanted to live a normal life, though she eventually found that her parents, the King and Queen, weren't rulers as good as she thought, and eventually became the Queen of Akiridion-5 following their deaths. She is also Prince Krel's elder sister.

She is voiced by Tatiana Maslany.


  • Tyrannicide
  • Omnicide prevention
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Freedom fighting
  • Mass freedom
  • Attempted self-sacrifice
  • Nurturing
  • Animal kindness
  • Child rescue
  • Benevolent rule

Physical Appearance

In her alien form, Aja has teal blue skin, light blue hair, four arms, black eye sclera, and blue pupils. She wears black and neon blue jumpsuit.

In her human form, Aja has white hair and wears a long red button-up shirt and jeans.


Unlike her stoic twin brother, Aja is more adventurous and free-spirited. While she does not have the ambition to become the queen of her planet, she wants to become a fierce warrior. Regardless of her recklessness, Aja is brave and will do anything for the people she loves.








Rise of the Titans


Powers & Abilities




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