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I owe the Golden Path for rescuing me, but honestly, I'm just... I'm just here to scatter my mother's ashes.
~ Ajay Ghale.
I'm not involved in whatever this is, ok? I'm just trying to get to Lakshmana.
~ Ajay to Amita

Ajay Ghale is the main protagonist of the 2014 video game Far Cry 4, its DLC Valley of the Yetis, a mentioned character in Far Cry 5, and is a supporting character and antagonist in the Far Cry 6 DLC - Pagan: Control.

Ajay is a native of the fictional Kyrat region of the Himalayas who, after having moved to America at a young age, returns to his home after the death of his mother, Ishwari. Ajay vows on the ashes of his mother to bring peace to war-torn Kyrat, with his main goal being to pick up where his deceased parents left off, by overthrowing the brutal dictator Pagan Min and his army.

He was voiced by James A. Woods.


Ajay Ghale was born in mid April/May 1988, in Kyrat to Ishwari and Mohan Ghale, the founders of the rebellious organization, The Golden Path. He only weighed 5.5 pounds and was 17 inches tall. When he was only three years old, Ajay's mother fled with him to the United States and would reveal nothing to him of his home country, his father, or why she left Kyrat.

Ajay led a conflicted childhood and grew up causing plenty of trouble for himself and his mother. He eventually fell in with the wrong crowd and, during his teens, became caught up in a robbery-gone-wrong that resulted in a store clerk being shot to death. While Ajay was not directly responsible for the shooting, he turned himself in and bartered a deal with police - in exchange for no prison time, he provided the name of the person who pulled the trigger.

Ajay, in order to achieve the American dream, joined the US Army in 2006 and served with the 82nd Airborne Division. Two years later, he successfully joined the US Special Forces (Green Berets), later qualifying as an 18B Weapons Sergeant. He served two tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

He became a proficient parachutist and sniper, and confident user of explosives. Later, he became skilled in hand to hand combat, reconnaissance, infiltration, and combat survival. He left the Army at the rank of Sergeant First Class and was awarded the Silver Star for bravery.

As Ajay was turning his life around, he learned that his mother was dying of breast cancer. She never told him, and it had now metastasized into her liver, leaving him with a scant few days to say goodbye in the hospice.

The last lucid conversation they had was about Kyrat. His mother described the beautiful place they left behind when he was a child, and spoke of regrets for things left undone. A few weeks later, during the reading of her will, Ajay was given her last wish, an amendment made a few days before she died; "Take my ashes to Kyrat, to Lakshmana."

With a mix of guilt, apprehension, and a little excitement, Ajay entered Kyrat by way of India to fulfill his mother’s final wish; to spread her ashes.

Far Cry 4


After the death of Ishwari, Ajay Ghale returns to Kyrat to fulfill her last wish, to scatter her ashes in Lakshmana. He picks passes and goes to Patna, India, and from there, he catches a bus of tourists to go to Kyrat.

There, he met a person named Darpan, who tells Ajay that he was a friend, and converses a bit with him during the trip, but after reaching the border, the bus is stopped by the Royal Army. After discovering that the Golden Path had smuggled weapons under the bus, the soldiers fired at the bus; Ajay and Darpan run out, but are subdued.

Pagan Min, the tyrant king of the region, kills the soldier's leader, saying he wanted to stop the bus, not shoot it. He recognized Ajay and, soon after that, he hugs him and says that there is "a party" waiting for him. Pagan puts a bag on his head and Darpan's, and both are escorted to De Pleur's Compound, the residence of Paul "De Pleur" Harmon, one of Kyrat's governors.


Once there, Pagan introduces Ajay to Paul and tells of the days when he and Ishwari were involved, Pagan takes a fork telling Ajay about her having fled Kyrat without explanation, he has approaching Darpan who sat with them: "When your mother decided to flee to the United States with you on her hip, I couldn't help but blame myself. Then I realized, it's not me. No. It was the fucking Golden Path!"

Pagan sticks the fork in Darpan and instructs to Paul torture him and find out what he was doing there, since one of Paul's functions was torture, then he tells Ajay to wait he there and Pagan calls Yuma Lau, another governor of Kyrat and stepsister to Pagan.

After that, Ajay takes the ashes of his mother and seeks a way out of there, but he hears Darpan screaming in a room along the path to the exit. Ajay passes by the torture room, and he finds Paul torturing Darpan and sees the exit. When arriving at the door, a man named Sabal comes face-to-face with Ajay, saying that he was a friend of his late father Mohan Ghale, and that was part of the Golden Path, the rebel group created by Mohan to fight against Pagan, so he says he'll take Ajay out of that place.

After an intense and struggled fight with the Royal Army, they manage to escape and the prologue ends.

Act One

Ajay comes with Sabal and the Golden Path to a village called Banapur, where he talks to Ajay about the Golden Path and his fighting against Pagan and his tyranny, when a young, annoying woman called Amita appears - along with a 14-year-old girl called Bhadra - and discusses with Sabal about his reasoning to leave Darpan to save Ajay.

After that, Ajay will go to Amita and she will apologize and introduce him to Bhadra, a child that is involved in the war and with the Golden Path, who can't have a proper childhood. To make matters worse, the followers of Sabal and the religious believe she is the Tarun Matara, the living god and the wife of Banashur (the God of Kyrati Mythology).

Ajay will help Amita and Sabal in unblocking the Banapur's Bell Tower. After that mission, Sabal calls Ajay to ask for him to see Longinus, a priest and arms dealer who believes that weapons are bibles, and believes that weapons will save people. He also makes several references to Far Cry 2. He will give Ajay a Scorpion so he can drive and shoot at the same time, then both hear Sabal radio for help.

Ajay goes back to Banapur and sees the Royal Army attacking the place. After saving Banapur, and rescuing Bhadra who was trapped in a burning house, he saves some hostages for Sabal, he persuades Ajay to join the Golden Path. Ajay accepts, believing that his mother had planned it. Ajay sees a car approaching, and it was a soldier of the Golden Path, and Hurk; he greets Ajay and says that if he needs help, just call.

Act Two

After that, the map of Southern Kyrat opens, and Ajay releases all bell towers and outposts in the area where Paul De Pleur's ruled. On the way, he met Mumu Chiffon, who wanted Ajay's help to hunt rare animals for the Kyrat Fashion Week and use Ajay like a model. After Ajay had hunted and skinned them all, he returns to Chiffon, but his house was broken furniture, and the clothes that he'd planned to use were all dirty, and Ajay saw a letter Chiffon had left him, saying Pagan found him and sent him away.

Later, he finds Ray Rabi Ray Rana, who asks Ajay to take some Propaganda Centers and also asks him to unlock the bell towers; if Ajay does this, he will transmit the signal and make messages against Pagan. Ajay also finds Sharma Salsa, a former porn actress in Kyrat, who now makes action films and calls Ajay in as a stuntman.

After all this, he returns to the first outpost he had taken for Amita; there, he hears a discussion in a house and out comes a woman from the Golden Path. She tells Ajay what Amita and Sabal are discussing, as Paul De Pleur Harmon will attack one of the Golden Path camps. She says that Ajay is the son of Mohan Ghale and he is one of the most important members of the group, so he has a great weight on his shoulders. She believes he will end this battle between Amita and Sabal.

The player must then choose to interact with Sabal or Amita.

If the player chooses Sabal, Ajay will go to the camp and save six members of the Golden Path, but will lose very important information. If the player chooses Amita, Ajay will go to the camp and find a map. It is the information Amita wants, but she will lose six members of the Golden Path. Ajay will give the map to Amita and she will study it.


After that, Ajay goes to Bhadra, who tells him that the house of his parents was still Kyrati, and she passes him the co-ordinates, but warns that this area ruled by Noore now - the vice-lord to Pagan, who controls things with Paul; the South of Kyrat, opium, brothels, and prostitutes. She also controls the Shanath Arena.

Ajay goes to his parents' house to find two drug addicts called Yogi and Reggie, who were squatting there. After an argument, the two sedate Ajay and leave him to Noore. Ajay later awoke totally naked in an arena. After fighting several waves of enemies, Noore talks with Ajay and says that she is being forced by Pagan to do that because De Pleur has her family as hostages.

Ajay accepts her apology and agrees to help her, as the Golden path already wanted De Pleur. Ajay goes back to the Ghale Homestead and talks again with Yogi and Reggie, who apologized and said that they would leave. Ajay then sees a frame on the wall and they say that it contains a Thangka, saying that Thangka tells the story of a legendary warrior Kyrat that was s Shangri-La, the mystical land of Kyrat.

Ajay then goes after the five Thangkas and see the story of Kalinag. After that, Ajay speaks with Sabal, who asks Ajay go to a monestary and learn about his religion and his father. Ajay goes there and finds that the information Amita needed showed that the monastery would be wholesale. Ajay defends the monastery from an attack and soon finds a hut on top of a mountain near it; Longinus is there and asks Ajay to get some diamonds in the Himalayas, in exchange for the Golden Path receiving weapons.

Ajay accepts and goes there. When he returns (if the player has the DLC Hurk's Redemption), Hurk will call Ajay and ask for help; he wants redemption with monkeys because he has explode then, so he needs find 3 statues, Ajay recuses but later accepts as the Royal Guard also wanted the statue, then he goes to the Himalayas again wanting to end the Royal Guard, after picking up the first statue Hurk presents The Impaler, a harpoon made to use in battle.

Ajay goes back to the monastery and finds Amita and Sabal, who have a weapons room that Longinus had provided. They say to Ajay that Longinus said that De Pleur was preparing a group of soldiers on a plantation to plant opium and help Noore.

The player's then given another choice for the Golden Path.

Amita wants to kill the soldiers and keep the plantations intact to give money to the Golden Path, while Sabal wants Ajay to kill everyone and burn the drugs. Independent of who you choose, they will take the plantation as a base for the Golden Path. After that, Ajay goes to Thirta, a village south of Kyrat, and then he goes to a small house where Amita was. She asks Ajay to protect two religious statues called The Sleeping Saints.

Cidade do Sofrimento.jpg

After defending them, Noore contacts Ajay and asked him to come see her in Shanath. When he gets there, he finds Noore crying and, without explaining too much, she asks him to go after Paul and catch her family. She gives the location of a village, from which Paul always gets his meat.

Ajay enters goes to a small town in Kyrat where Paul's various parties are thrown to their best soldiers. Ajay then calls the leader of the Golden Path (Amita or Sabal, depending on the player's last choice), who asks Ajay to capture Paul alive. Ajay enters the main house and searches for Noore's family, but he hears Paul coming out of the torture room.

Ajay finds a captive there, rescues him, and takes his place on a chair with a bag over his head. Then, Paul comes in as he's talking to his wife Laura and daughter Ashley on the phone. After the call, Paul takes off the bag and recognizes Ajay, who knocks him out.

He takes out Paul to the trunk of a car and leaves. Ajay questions him about Noore's family, to which Paul says, "Noore? Noore?! Hahaha!! She still thinks her family's still alive?! Hahaha... We killed them years ago." The player is then given the choice to blow up the car or hand him to the Golden Path.

If you hand him to the rebels, Amita will thank you and will torture Paul; later, he can be found in Banapur and the player can kill him. After that, Ajay goes back to the opium factory, which he had taken over, and sees Amita crying. Ajay will question her, and she will say that Sabal wants to destroy the Rochan Brick Factory Noore's opium factory, since Amita wanted to take it for future use.

The player's then given the third "Sabal-Amita" choice. If the player chooses Sabal, he will meet with soldiers who will help him. He will go to the roof of the factory and plant a bomb in the factory chimney, then enter, where he will plant three C4s and flee the place, destroying the factory.

On the other hand, if the player chooses Amita, he will meet with the Golden Path, and she will say that Ajay must disable three air controllers to force the soldiers from there. When they leave, Ajay comes, but once he enters, he aspires to smoke opium and drugs; Ajay will need to kill the leader of the factory, in the main room, and though he's hallucinating, he kills several bosses of the factory, then he goes away and the drugs' effects pass.

After the decision, Ajay goes behind Amita and Sabal and both ask Ajay to kill Noore, to which Ajay will discuss with them and says he will decide Noore's fate, so he goes to the Arena. There, he goes inside the Arena and hears Noore narrating the games; Ajay finds her and points an M1911 to her back. If the player shoots Noore, she falls dead into the Arena. If you spare her, Ajay will surprise her and tell about her family, to which she will take the Kukri on his leg's holster and she will kill herself. Regardless, the Arena will fall under the control of the Golden Path.

Willis e Ajay.jpg

Leaving there, Willis Huntley contacts Ajay and asks for his help to make it to the airport runway; in return, he will give details of his parents and the Golden Path, and also help him go after Yuma. He also says he works for CIA, which unnerves Ajay and leaves him without many choices.

After taking the airport, letting Willis land, he said he came to help the Golden Path, but asks Ajay not talk to anyone about it because he has secret information about the parents of Ajay, as well as Yuma and Pagan. He also asks Ajay to kill two lieutenants of Yuma. He then talks about Mohan Ghale; he tried to kill Ishwari for her desire to get away from Kyrat with Ajay in her arms.

After that, Ajay kills the two Yuma's lieutenants who were in the Himalayas, and when he returns to Willis, he's in his plane ready to leave the mountain. Willis will say that those lieutenants he killed were agents of the CIA in disguise, wanting to erase his presence in Kyrat, and that Ajay knows too, so he ejects him from the plane. Ajay survives due to his parachute, but a soldier of the Royal Guard finds him and knocks him out.

Act Three

Yuma Lau-.jpg

Ajay wakes up in a cave and sees Pagan, Yuma, and the soldier who'd captured him. Pagan tells to Yuma that he wants Ajay alive, so the player realises that he is trapped in Durgesh, the Yuma's prision. When she and Pagan go away, the guard drugs Ajay, and he sees a Rakshasa, a Shangri-La demon.

Ajay quickly tackles the guard and escapes from there. In front the prison, he feels very cold and begins passing out. He then sees something big coming in his direction and he finally passes out.

Ajay wakes up and hears on a radio in front of him; it's Pagan talking about how he found him passed out and took Ajay to a bell tower on the North of Kyrat. He apologizes to Ajay and says that he did not know that Yuma would do that.

He then reveals that he spoke to Amita and Sabal about its location, and says that Yuma's men were going to the place of extraction. Ajay then does some favors for Pagan in exchange for improvements in the Extraction Point. However, in one of the errands, he hears about an expedition who Yuma sent to the Lost Valley in the northern mountains of Kyrat to seek a relic that could grant immortality to whom possess it.

Ajay, in order to try to destroy all Yuma's opportunities get hallucinogens, he decides to persue this expedition. After defending his helicopter, Ajay goes in there and contacts Sabal and Amita, talking about the expedition and the relic.

After arriving in Lost Valley, Ajay's helicopter begings spnning and Ajay falls unconscious. After waking up again, he hears screams of a horrified pilot, Sukhwinder, yelling that he is bailing out of the helicopter. Shortly afterwards, Ajay Ghale slowly awakens to the sounds of what's presumably an interrogation between Sukhwinder and an unknown individual, stating that one of Pagan's men told him about an expedition from Yuma sent to the valley looking for a "relic".

Promptly after the interrogation, Ajay decides to locate the pilot. However, part-way through the search, he enters a shrine of sorts, and notices a pair of individuals that don't seem to be part of Yuma's soldiers. After killing the lot, he continues the search and eventually runs into a relay station. After getting spotted by more of the unknown soldiers, a fight commences for control of the station, where Ajay is ultimately victorious. Upon entering the Relay Station, he notices a radio and manages to contact help.

First night.jpg

After hearing about a coming storm, he stays put, where he eventually hears another conversation on the radio. It refers to him as an "interloper", and another individual is heard saying that he must be killed before the start of a "ritual". Deciding to prepare for an all-out assault, Ajay is able to successfully defend the relay station from the attackers.

The next morning, Ajay receives a transmission from an individual, dubbed "Master Sandesh", claiming that he has taken Sukhwinder captive, and is preparing to kill him. When Ajay asks why he has decided to kill the pilot, Sandesh states that he wants to see Ajay, and judge him to see if he is fit for the eyes of "Yalung", but if he doesn't come, Sukhwinder will die.

Ajay then heads over to another shrine, where he is attacked by more soldiers. Upon killing all of them, Ajay runs over to Sukhwinder to free him, only to be knocked out by Master Sandesh, saying that he will meet "Yalung", and will be judged.

Some time later, Ajay awakens and hears someone yelling (presumably Sukhwinder), and sees a larger figure snap the individual's neck, before the larger creature yells and runs off. Ajay then realizes he has lost all of his equipment, except his flashlight. While exploring the cave, Ajay prepares to climb a ledge, only to see a Yeti eating, to which the Yeti stares at him, and it runs off.

Continuing his search, he comes across a grappling device, and proceeds to escape the cave. During his return to the relay station, Ajay also manages to retrieve his equipment from a camp, which he manages to secure. Later on, Ajay then defends the relay station again from Sandesh's soldiers.

The next morning, Ajay will then receive another transmission from Sandesh, claiming that he has the honor of being fed to a Yeti. Master Sandesh then says he knew why Ajay came for the relic, and then says he cannot contact for help, as the signals are jammed, except for the channel he is on. Upon exiting the relay station, he hears a conversation between two soldiers, telling each other that a radio maintenance crew crashed their truck, to which the latter soldier says that the other soldier should send another soldier out to check the radio jammers to see if they haven't frozen up.

Ajay then decides to head to the crash site, and realizes that he has to disable the generators for the radio jammers, disabling two. However, Ajay manages to obtain a wingsuit, and soared down to a small shrine, where he encounters another Yeti. Upon killing the Yeti, orange mist starts to arise from the Yeti's body, only for it to vanish.

First yeti kill.jpg

After destroying the last generator, Ajay returns to the relay station via the disciples' truck, and prepares for another assault, as before. The next morning, Ajay attempts to call for help, though he doesn't receive any broadcast. However, Ajay hears two of the soldiers talking about explosives, and an unknown individual being drugged with an elixir, and being placed in an offering with other unknown captives.

Ajay then ambushes a convoy, and then heads over to the prison to find the bomb maker, while trying not to trigger the alarm. Having killed a few of the prison guards, Ajay finds the bomb maker, named Digvijay, and manages to escort him out of the prison, all the while killing guards.

VS Sandesh.jpg

Returning to the relay station, Ajay has to face-off against Sandesh's guards, who are now armed with explosives. Upon surviving another night, Ajay will hear Digvijay on the radio, claiming that he "cannot completely thank him for saving his life".

Digvijay then tells Ajay that he has left homemade explosives at random co-ordinates, but, also tells him about the "relic", and how the elixir "changes" human flesh. Ajay then proceeds to recover Digvijay's explosives, also managing to destroy the disciple's elixir supplies in the process.

Having destroyed the elixir supplies, Ajay takes a disciple's truck and returns to the relay station, where he defends the station for one last time. Later on in the morning, Ajay finally manages to get into contact with Golden Path officials. However, when the officials say that Ajay has to destroy Yalung's relic, Ajay then says he wants them to pick him up at the peak of Hajura'Amako Hatama, a mountain, and leaves the relay station.

However, Ajay realises that he needs an oxygen mask to proceed to the peak. After killing a disciple and looting his body for the oxygen mask, Ajay continues up to the peak. Upon finding the relic, Ajay fires at it, only for him to black out momentarily.

Quickly having awakened, Ajay turns around to see that the relic is creating more Yetis to protect itself. Regardless, Ajay manages to destroy all the roots to the relic, which makes it explode, knocking Ajay out. Later, Ajay struggles to get up, only to realize he has turned into a Yeti, and to his realization, screams, when a disembodied voice says, "Your path is with us, not against us. Awaken and walk beside us."

Far Cry 4 concept art after the ending.jpg

After allegedly becoming a yeti, he wakes up in the bed of Ghale Homestead, with Amita or Sabal at his side. Amita/Sabal says that he fainted and found him before he died frozen, thus continuing the game's main story. The relic caused illusions in Ajay and, in desperation, he ran out of the cave where he was almost freezing to death.

After the events of Valley of the Yetis, he wakes up in his bed on the Ghale Homested and beside him the leader of the Golden Path, who told him that he fainted and the Golden Path found almost dying cold, then Ajay freed all southern stations and was going to the Shanath Arena.

Ajay is tasked to take over the King Bridge, which links the south with the north. After taking the bridge, Ajay enters the north, of which he already had some knowledge. Amita tells him to meet a faithful people who will help their cause in Utkarsh. After getting there, he goes into the basement of a house, where he sees several weapons and the possible brothers of Rabi Ray Rana, who thanks Ajay for linking the south with the north again. Ajay then hears talking from the hosts and, after a conversation, he kills them, enraged he followed with a Buzzer. But after that, the true Pagan calls Ajay and says to kill a stuntman called Eric.


Then, Sabal and Amita ask Ajay to meet in a small hut. There, they see Pagan make an announcement on TV, giving the location of Yuma, and that she will defend Pagan from anyone, even the Golden Path, but it's only a plan for Ajay to go there and kill her.

Ajay goes to the KEO Svargiya Mine to face Yuma. Once there, Yuma blows a drug at Ajay, making him hallucinate. There, he sees Yuma as Kalinag, and he finds himself in a Shangri-la, distorted after a duel of psychological knives, Ajay finally kills Kalinag, or Yuma.

After Yuma's death, Ajay goes to Bhadra and she says than Amita and Sabal are arguing again; who Ajay chooses will lead the Golden Path.

If Ajay chooses Sabal, Ajay will defend the Jalendu Temple, but not get gold and weapons. If Ajay chooses Amita, he'll destroy the temple and get the gold and weapons, then escape from there.

After the player does the task for his chosen leader, they both meet in a specific place, where the leader will be with Bhadra. If the leader is Amita, she will say that Bhadra is free to go to Tarun Matara. If the leader is Sabal, he will initiate the transportation of Bhadra in Tarun Matara, but as they both talk to Ajay, he must defend Utkarsh, which began to be attacked.

After preventing the attack, the leader calls to Ajay for a chat, where they will ask him to kill the other; if the leader is Sabal, he will ask to kill Amita, and vice versa. However, if it is the latter scenario, Ajay can spare Sabal, disobeying his leader.

Confronting Pagan

Ajay VS Pagan.jpg

Finally, Ajay meets the Golden Path for the last attack on Pagan's Fortrees; they meet, they attack the fortress, and the Golden Path allow Ajay go to the Royal Palace. Ajay climbs the mountain and finds Pagan preparing a dinner for them. Ajay has two choices; shoot him or spare him, and then go spread the ashes of Ishwari in Lakshmana.

If the player shoots Pagan, Ajay will return home and talk to the leader, saying that Pagan is dead, but he didn't find Lakshmana. After that, the player can climb the fortress and loot Pagan's body, giving you valuable items and 250,000 Rupees.

If the player spares Pagan, he will lead Ajay to Lakshmana and Pagan will say that Lakshmana was the half-sister of Ajay, since Pagan and Ishwari were involved, yet Mohan killed Lakshmana and tried to kill Ishwari, where she killed him in self-defense, before fleeing with Ajay out Kyrat. So, Ajay fulfills the request of his mother and Pagan will leave by helicopter. Ajay will return home and tell the leader that Pagan is gone and he found Lakshmana.

After the Main Campaign

When you finish the game, Yogi and Reggie become neighbours of Ajay, giving four side-quests. Longinus also has four side-quests that will be rewarding. The player must also complete the remaining two missions for Hurk (if you have the DLC), and Ajay can see the leader of the Golden Path, Amita/Sabal.

If Sabal is leader, he will be in Jalendu Temple, where the player will see that he was killing people who were on the side of Amita in front of Bhadra. He justified that Bhadra now had responsibilities, and he pushes Ajay away screaming at him, then the player can kill him or spare him.

If Amita is leader, she will be recruiting adults and children to the Golden Path without Ajay's permission, and she will also say that she made Bhadra disappear and she will never return, implying that she killed her. Ajay can kill her or spare her.

Far Cry 6

In Pagan: Control, Ajay appears as both a supporting character and antagonist, being an apparition within Pagan's mind. When doing Pagan's trials to restore his statues, Ajay appears as a mini-boss, and can be heard speaking to Pagan on several occasions. In the secret ending, Pagan reveals to Ajay that he invested in nuclear weapons to retaliate against the United States for planting the CIA in Kyrat. He also tells Ajay that he has the weapons aimed at the States, presumably around Montana.

Personality and Traits

Ajay Ghale is a quiet man of few words, always thinking about the right choice and the path you should take, thus allowing the player to create their own Ajay, for Ajay often found himself in difficult situations and near death, but always managed deal with them. Though he simply wants to spread his mother's ashes in Kyrat, Ajay is compassionate and selfless, as he willing to help the Golden Path and innocent civilians across the southern and northern part of the land.

He always tries to act in stealth and using knowledge, and always silent. His previous experience in the army has made him a proficient parachutist and combat survivalist. His appearance may have been inspired by Sushant Singh Rajput, as his facial construction and appearance are very similar to Ajay.

He's always wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans and blue sneakers; unlike Jason Brody, protagonist of the previous game, Ajay is rarely amused. He seems to have some experience with firearms and training Kukri, though is far from perfect.


Name Description
Grapple A hook with a rope on, which Ajay uses to climb high places.
Kukri A big knife Ajay uses to kill enemies stealthily.
Wingsuit A glider-like costume equipped with a parachute. It is received by Willis in the middle of the story.
Camera Used to zoom in and mark enemies.
Healing Items Items for healing, such as medicinal syringes, bandages and matches (to cauterize his wounds).
Other Ajay also carries a map of Kyrat, a radio, bait, King Min's Guide to Kyrat, and Mohan Ghale's Journal.


  • Hurk - The first time Ajay meets Hurk is after Ajay acquires their first outpost. Ajay sees him as an action movie hero wannabe, but after asking him to help him with his redemption (Hurk's Redemption DLC), they end up being best friends. When playing co-op, Hurk becomes player-two.
  • Amita (Optional) - If the player chooses to side with Amita, she will become the new King Queen of Kyrat, as long as the player does not shoot her in the very end. She is seen to be persuasive, always taking the role of the victim. Whenever the player has to choose between her or Sabal, she complains that since she's a woman, nobody will listen to her, no matter how right she may be.
  • Sabal (Optional) - If the player chooses to side with Sabal, he will convince Ajay with his words, telling him that he's an old friend of his father, Mohan Ghale. Sabal is very religious and knows how to use words wisely to bind Ajay in his choices. He always talks of religion, the "old ways", and tradition, telling Ajay that it what his father would have wanted.
  • Pagan Min (Optional) - By following the Golden Path, Ajay will see Pagan as a villain and a tyrant. Ajay tries to end his rule by taking his outposts, destroying his factories, and assassinating his subordinates and other governors (Yuma, Paul Harmon, and Noore Najjar), but to know who Pagan really is, the player must search for notes, diaries of his deceased father, and listen to what Pagan tells him by radio. These will influence whether the player chooses to kill Pagan Min or spare him. In the prologue's secret ending, if the player waits for roughly 13 minutes, Pagan will return to the dinner table and lead Ajay to Lakshmana, thus finishing the game in less than 15 minutes.
  • Mumu Chiffon - After meeting Chiffon, he appears treated with great respect during missions for Kyrat Fashion Week, but unfortunately, Mumu Chiffon is sent away from Kyrat before the event Fashion Week, since Pagan finds and sends him away.
  • Bhadra - Bhadra seems very attached to Ajay, as shown in the mission where Ajay must choose who will lead the Golden Path. Ajay also seems to like her a lot, and wants the best for her. Whoever the player chooses to support, Bhadra will not end up in good hands, though Sabal is by far the lesser of two evils.
  • Yogi & Reggie - At the beginning, when they drug him, Ajay was not very happy with the two friends. However, in the end, he seems to have forgiven them; in fact, Ajay comes back a few more times to experience the new drugs' impacts developed by the two "psychiatrists".
  • Paul "De Pleur" Harmon - Ajay seems to have a lot of anger for "De Pleur" since he tortured and killed Darpan, who was trying to defend him from Pagan and Paul. He is the first villain that Ajay will get back, and the player has a choice to kill him, or leave him with the Golden Path.
  • Noore Najjar - Ajay has a troubled relationship with Nooré, as she tried to kill him in the arena, but both want the same thing; Paul's head. She asks Ajay to save his family that is with Paul, and in return, she put Ajay in his fortress. When Ajay is tasked with eliminating Noore, he has the option to not and reveal the fate of her family, expressing his sympathies.
  • Yuma Lau - Ajay had not many fears of Yuma, but after Willis said she was involved with the escape of Ishwari Ghale, he goes behind her for answers, but after the restriction of Willis and capture of Ajay in Durgesh Prison, Ajay was behind her like Jason behind Vaas in Far Cry 3.
  • Longinus - Ajay and Longinus had a weird relationship, though both are friends.
  • Rabi Ray Rana - Another odd relationship where they both help each other; Ajay releases the Bell Towers and Rabi Ray Rana transmits messages against Pagan. However, both Amita and Ajay feel uncomfortable around Rabi, and Rabi always worried that Ajay found him a loser or an idiot.



  • He is the new king of Kyrat, according to Pagan.
  • Ajay is the first protagonist who is a native of the region.
  • The only time he screams in the entire game is when he is on fire.
  • Ajay's voice actor, James A. Woods, also played Keith from Far Cry 3.
  • Ajay uses an M1911 in the cutscenes to make the choices to kill or spare his enemies.
  • In the game, the Ajay tree skills is divided into Tiger and Elephant, a reference to Amita and Sabal.
  • According to the site, the name Ajay means "invincible, unconquerable" and, in Sanskrit, "one who cannot be defeated".
  • Unlike Jason Brody, the previous game's protagonist, Ajay has combat experience due to his years serving in the US Army as a sergeant.
  • Besides seeing him in King Min's Wisdom, the only time his face is seen in the entire game is when he and Pagan take a selfie at the start, and while playing as Hurk in co-op.
  • The people of Kyrat pronounce his name as "Ah-Jay Gal-E", whilst western NPCs say "Ay-Jay Gale". Ajay himself, having been raised in the United States, pronounces it as the latter.
  • In the game, Ajay can revive Shangri-La, an ancient myth in Kyrat. There, he becomes Kalinag, the ancient hero of Kyrat on a mission to free Shangri-La from the demon Rakshasa.
  • Before Ajay went to Kyrat, he was a tourist in Patna, India, as it can be heard in the introduction where a man named Chet Peterson calls to Ajay that he bought tourist tickets to India with an additional trip to Kyrat.
  • Ajay Ghale, Jack Carver, and Takkar are the only protagonists who can't die at the end, regardless of the player's choice, as Jason Brody can be killed by Citra in Far Cry 3, and the Mercenary dies regardless of the Far Cry 2 ending.