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Akane Kōmoto is main character of My Monster Secret.

She is voiced by Mao Ichimichi who also voices Hikari Yagame from Digimon Adventure tri..


She has the body of a young girl with demonic horns.

She has pink hair and green eye.

Her true appearance is never confirmed. She is extremely powerful, although not omnipotent, ranking among the other high-rank demons, but she is jealous of them, since she does not have any legends about herself.


She have a childish behavior. Though rarely ever seen by the normal students, she often causes mischief for Asahi and company, and has a weakness for sweets. Akane is possibly the most powerful character in the series as she is capable of destroying the world or granting the wishes of others on a whim.

Akane gets lonely when one of her descendants gets married.


  • It is implied that her present form is not her true appearance; In the past it was revealed that she had a much more mature and menacing appearance, and she has reverted to that look in the present on certain occasions.


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