Akane Kimidori (木緑あかね; lit. "Yellow-Green Dark Red") is Arale Norimaki's trouble making "bad-girl"

friend and Tsukutsun Tsun's girlfriend. In the Harmony Gold Dub, her name is Sandy
Akane Kimidori

Akane in New Dr. Slump

Akane Kimidori (木緑あかね; lit. "Yellow-Green Dark Red") isArale Norimaki's trouble making "bad-girl" friend and Tsukutsun Tsun's girlfriend. In the Harmony Gold Dub, her name is Sandy.


Unlike her nice & honest older sister Aoi, Akane is rebellious and breaks rules for fun. She finds fun in putting pranks on many of the residents of Penguin Village especially on Senbei Norimaki. On her Résumé she lists that she hates Caterpillars & Peppers.


Dr. Slump

When she was 13 years old, Akane met Arale in Midori Yamabuki's 7th grade class when Arale was assigned to be desk partners with her. After the school day was over Akane became annoyed with Arale as she followed her after school to where she met up with her friends Taro and Peasuke. Akane quickly gained respect and accepted Arale when Taro and Peasuke did when she saw Arales strength and eventually she became Arale's best friend.

When Arale was still new to school, Akane became Arale's manager and charged the kids money to see if their clubs at school were good enough for Arale's talent.

During the time Senbei, Arale and Peasuke used Mr. Time to go the Prehistoric Ages where they found the egg that hatched Gatchan, Akane could not make it because she was sick that day. Though Akane does meet Gatchan soon after but differently between the manga and anime. In the manga, she met Gatchan at the time Senbei was launching his Cola Plane, but in the anime she met Gatchan earlier which was when Senbei and Arale were on their way back to their house after buying Milk for it.


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