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Akane Sakurada is the main protagonist in the anime and manga series Castle Town Dandelion. She is the fourth oldest child and third oldest daughter of the royal Sakurada family. Akane along with her siblings are candidates for becoming the next monarch by default. However, Akane being as shy as she is already struggles with just seeing a mere camera.

She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Bryn Apprill in the English version of the anime.


Akane is a petite 15 year old girl with red eyes and deep red hair. Her hair is often put in twintails. She has also been noted to be flat-chested, but also incredibly beautiful, so much so that there is even a fan club at her school that really admires her (she is oblivious to this). 

The clothing she wears is much like that of a normal person, since her family tries to be as normal as possible despite being royalty. But the school she goes to has a school uniform that all students must wear, so she is very often seen wearing that as well. 


Akane is very shy and the shyest member of her family. She is shy to the point that she has a fear of cameras. She most likely has scopophobia. The measures she goes to to avoid cameras are extreme, as she claimed to have memorized the locations of over 200 cameras set up around her residence just to avoid them, AND confirmed that her only reason for campaigning was to get rid of said cameras. 

Besides being shy, she is very nice to everyone at school, and has more school spirit than almost anyone there. She really enjoys school because there she is treated like a normal girl instead of as royalty. However, people still think she is a notable student due to her admiration for school (and her attractiveness and the fact that she has a group of stalkers watching them as the Akane Fan Club).

She has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and on every occassion she got, she stood in the way of petty crimes. She values justice a whole lot. As a vote-boosting method she disguised herself with a black dress and red glasses and called herself Scarlet Bloom. Scarlet Bloom was treated as a totally different person so that Akane wouldn't find out that changing her clothes isn't going to keep people from recognizing her. Scarlet Bloom was a superhero that would fight crime, and it did boost her ratings (to Akane's confusion since she thought she was unrecognizable).

Akane is very oblivious. For the whole series she thinks that if she puts on these special glasses given to her by her sister older Kanade, people won't be able to recognize her. Of course, this is not true and any logical person should know this. She doesn't just use her glasses for Scarlet Bloom, she also used them to become an assistant for a superstar. 

Despite hating attention, she loves to help people even if it puts her in the spotlight. 



Souichirou Sakurada- Souichirou Sakurada is Akane's father, who is the leader of the country's monarchy. Since Akane and all of her siblings are of royal bloodline, Souichirou wants them all to live as normal of a life as possible. The family lives in a typical Japanese suburban household. Souichirou is depicted as a very benevolent and carefree ruler, and while away from the throne, he is a loving family guy. Souichirou stated that the reason he decided to form an election was so the siblings could all decide their own paths, unlike him since he was an only child and became King at a young age. So far, nobody in the series has ever shown disdain towards the King, and everybody seems to respect him. Satsuki Sakurada- Satsuki Sakurada is Akane's mother, who shows the typical love that a mother would show, and worries about Akane, especially in regards to her shyness.


Akane is the fourth oldest child and third oldest daughter of the Sakurada family, making her among the middle children of the nine siblings. Just like Akane, they all live in the same typical Japanese suburban household, and go to a school where Akane is treated fairly normally. Being royalty made all of them rival candidates for becoming the next monarch of (supposedly) Japan, but despite this, all of the siblings love each other, and have an impressive bond with each other for the nine of them.

The series never shows any bumps in their relationship, surprisingly, and they all seem to love each other. The only bumps present would be Kanade sometimes getting tired of Akane's fear of cameras.

Siblings of the Sakurada Family

Sakurada Family

B= King

  1. Aoi Sakurada (Oldest sister)
  2. Shuu Sakurada (Oldest brother)
  3. Kanade Sakurada (Older sister)
  4. Misaki Sakurada (Middle sister; presumably younger by 1 year)
  5. Haruka Sakurada (Middle brother; presumably younger by 1 year)
  6. Hikari Sakurada (Younger sister)
  7. Teru Sakurada (Youngest brother)
  8. Shiori Sakurada (Youngest sister)

Other relatives

  • Daigorou Shinonome (Maternal grandfather)
  • Chieko Shinonome (Maternal grandmother)
  • Hazuki Shinonome (Paternal aunt)
  • Mina Shinonome (Maternal aunt)
  • Kanna Shinonome (Paternal uncle)
  • Mutski Shinonome (Maternal uncle)


  • Karen Ayugase (Best friend)
  • An Shirogane (Friend)
  • Hana Satou (Friend)
  • Hajime Fukishima (Acquaintance)

Other relationships

  • Borscht (Pet cat)

Scarlet Bloom


Her power is called Gravity Core. Each member of the Sakurada family has their own unique superpower for an unknown reason. Gravity Core allows her to manipulate the gravity of herself and anything she touches. Before adopting the Scarlet Bloom alter-ego, she used this power to let herself float in the air while daydreaming about something, flying, getting to places really fast, or even bringing justice. The power can also be used to increase her speed and strength, lifting heavy objects with ease.