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NOTE: This article focuses on Akari as a playable character in the game. For information regarding Akari's ghost, click the following link.

I-Is that Kazuki...? Is it really, really...
~ Akari seeing the alternate Kazuki.

Akari is one of the two main characters in the 2013 indie video game Hello? Hell...o?. She is a playable character in her own levels within the game, while her ghostly apparition serves as the main antagonist in Kazuki's own levels.

Prior to the events of the game, because of the tension in their relationship for unidentified reasons, Akari is presented as a ghost who carries an intense, never-ending animosity against Kazuki, her closest friend.

As a human, Akari would attempt to escape her home in her own dimension from a ghostly Kazuki, who destined to kill her at all costs, in a similar fashion as her ghost counterpart would kill the Kazuki in his dimension.



The only thing that is known about Akari's history is that she had a tense relationship with Kazuki while they were both in high school. However, it is quickly made clear that the Akari Kazuki meets in the parallel universe he is now in is really already dead before the game's events. Her death has no recognised reason.

Events of Hello? Hell...o?

Throughout the game, as a playable character within Akari's Point-of-View, in a similar fashion as Kazuki, she would attempt to avoid the ghostly version of her boyfriend, who died in her own dimension, in her own home, and would be killed based on the actions she does in the game.

Her ghost persona would eventually rejoin with the ghost Kazuki from the alternate dimension in the game's True Ending, Mirrored Lovers, when her live self and the living Kazuki in the mirrored dimension reconciled and openly proclaimed their love.


Akari makes her appearance as an adolescent girl donning a pale green sundress. Her peach skin tone, sandy blonde hair, and dark blue eyes are all features of her human form. In her ghostly form, she has dark blue skin, vacant eye sockets, a big black hole that resembles her mouth, and black hair. Instead of being bright green, her sundress seems to be white.


When it was later discovered that Akari was dead, her ghost form quickly gained a reputation as a vengeful stalker who wants to torture Kazuki in the same realm he is presently in, either to drive him insane or to kill him.

Despite her blatant cruelty and propensity for murder, as a ghost, it is later discovered that she exhibits some empathy, in her human form, in the subsequent endings, -We're Together- (Happy Ending) and -Mirrored Lovers- (True Ending), where she wished to put an end to the suffering of the relationship she had previously experienced.

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