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Akari Akaza is one of the main characters from YuruYuri. She is often pushed into the background due to her little presence. Unlike the other main characters, she has no love interest, but does have friends. Yui and Kyoko are her childhood friends, but she met Chinatsu, and the members of the student council when she started middle school. Akari has an older sister named Akane Akaza who is obsessed with Akari, Akari doesn't know about this, but Kyoko does, she hasn't told Akari about it though. Before season 3, she did a title call at the beginning of every episode, but something stopped it from happening smoothly in every episode after the first one. Akari wishes to have better presence, and more attention. A running gag is that she can turn invisible due to her small presence, but this is non-canon. Akari keeps an ant farm in her desk at school, and wears light colored clothes when not at school.

She is voiced by Shiori Mikami.









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