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Hero Overview

Akari Hizamaru is the main protagonist of the second phase of the seinen manga and anime series, Terra Formars. He is a master practitioner of the Hizamaru Divine Eye School of martial arts and one of the few people in the world, who was born Post-Surgery and inherited the Mosaic Organ. After the death of Yuriko, his childhood friend Akari chooses to join the Annex Project in order to find the cure of the deadly A.E. virus that afflicts the Earth.


A muscular young man in his early 20s, Akari has short brown hair and brown eyes.


A cheerful and good-hearted, Akari dramatically believes in friendship and honor, always doing his best to keep his promises and genuinely caring for his comrades, especially his commanding officer Michelle K. Davis. Despite his comic and straightforward behavior, he shows himself to be a fearsome warrior and a sharp strategist, saving even Michelle's life while fighting a special grade terraformar.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

Miscellaneous Abilities


  • Hizamaru: An Anti-Terraformar Sonic Ninja Blade named Hizamaru due to its use on the Annex 1 mission. Akari uses the sword fighting style of the Hizamaru Divine Eye Dojo while wielding it.
  • Hizamaru Shadow Strike: After joining Ichi Security, Akari recviced a Anti-Terraformar Belt Sword, Akari normally wears this surround around his waist as a belt and can cause the individual segments to fly off and become joined by his thread into a single sword.





  • The name Hizamaru itself comes from the legends surrounding Minamoto not Raiko Yoshimitsu, one of the most famous samurai heroes of the early times. Hizamaru was the name of one of the swords associated with Yorimitsu, the other was Dôjigiri Yasutsuna. In the legend, Raiko killed a giant Tsuchigumo yôkai with Hizamaru, earning the nickname Kumo-giri (spider killer) for his Tachi. Modern scholars consider that Tsuchigumo was initially a derogatory nickname for the barbarian tribes and serious threats to the authority of the Imperial Court.