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Akari Ichijou is a heroine in The Last Blade video game series.

She was voiced by Mayuko Omimura.


Akari born in Kyoto and came from a family of Yin and Yang divisions. Her father asked her to take care of the Hell's Gate when she first opened. Akari obeyed when he wanted to see the world with her own eyes.

When her sister Hikari succumbed to a mysterious disease, Akari began to worry and suspected it was related to the Hell's Gate. When her father told her to tell her what she was going to do, she decided to seal the door again and heal her sister.

Her ending allowed her to escape her father's anger at her sudden departure and began another adventure of finding a mermaid, all of which was left to the poor Juzoh.


As a spoiled child, Akari often ignores her father's desire to get what she wants. She loves to take risks and often enjoys her trip. Although she is frivolous in nature, she is very concerned about her family and friends.

Akari knows some English and is probably learned from her hobbies while browsing the English dictionary. A winpose lets her say to her enemies, just for a moment! When she drank the tea that was given to her by Youkai. Unfortunately, she doesn't have enough skills to talk in English and sometimes uses it incorrectly. An example is her dancing! The battle at the beginning of her speed combination mode.


  • Aside from her sister, Akari hangs out with two other girls. Their names are Shizuka Kujo ("Shichi") and Aoi Yahata ("Acchi"). Shizuka has black hair and Aoi's outfit has green ribbons. They're usually seen cheering for her in the background or in her endings.


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