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Akari Sakura (桜あかり Sakura Akari) is the primary heroine of Jewelpet Twinkle and also the human partner of Ruby. Akari is a normal middle school student who has an inferiority complex towards her older sister, Monica Sakura. But after she met Ruby, she became a full-fledged magician and currently holds the title "Jewel Star".

She is voiced by Natsumi Takamori.


Akari is a sweet girl who wants peace and love. She loves her family very much but her friends are more precious than anyone. She doesn't get angry or even boastful to anyone, she is just a normal person with many dreams, but she only chooses what's best for her family and friends. She loves Yuma Kamiuchi. Being so happy and lovable she gets a lot of good friends. Akari never gives up, she always uses her wisdom in fighting to reach her goal.



Early Childhood

Meeting Ruby and Becoming a Magician

Mysteries Behind Alma Jinnai

Jewel Star Grand Prix

Future Appearances


  • Akari is the Jewelpet equivalent to Kirara Hoshizuki of Onegai My Melody Kirara, as both girls were considered having personal problems towards someone. In this case, Kirara has a problem confessing to her crush while Akari has inferiority issues with her older sister.