Akari Taiyo2
Akari Taiyo is a 12-year-old girl who inherits power to eliminate Daemonia from her mother, Taiyou Hinata. She holds the power of The Sun.


Akari Taiyo has short, upper neck length orange hair with a small side ponytail in a crescent shape. She wears a black bow with an orange line in the middle and has red eyes and fair skin. She is often seen wearing a pink and white school girl like outfit with a black tie, a white bow around the waist and orange and white striped stockings with black shoes. In magical girl form, her hair becomes much longer (past her waist) like the bows around her waist and head resembles the appearance of a flame. Pink ruffles are added to her sleeves with white on the end of them. The skirt also gets ruffles of the same kind. She is given a flame sword as well in magical form.


Akari is an upbeat and kind young girl, who can just make friends with many people. She is very bright and cheerful and can get easily excited if the right buttons are pushed. It is commented that this personality goes well with her tarot, Sun. She is caring towards her friends and will rush to their side in a instant. She can be seen as a meddler due to her habit of intruding in other people's business and wanting to understand people, something said by her late cousin Fuyuna.

One main thing that stands out with Akari is her incredible resolve. Even with having the ability to hear Daemonia's voices, she resolves to kill them to end their suffering. It took her awhile to come to this point, however, as she even prevented other tarot card users from killing a Daemonia, putting her at odds with Seira early in the series who holds a grudge towards them. Akari says she wants to hear their voices, as she could not hear what her cousin said when she turned into Daemonia. She is is even willing to offer herself to the enemy if it means saving her friends.

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