I'm Repair ship Akashi. If you take a little damage, I can fix you up in the base. Just leave it to me!

Akashi was a Japanese repair ship, serving during World War II. She was the only specifically designed repair ship operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The navy based her design on the US Navy's USS Medusa


All versions of her wear a serafuku (identical to Ooyodo's) on top of a long-sleeved zippered shirt and a blue pleated skirt with hakama-like hip vents. The NPC version only has white stripes along the brim while the playable version has a wider red stripe on the brim. Both versions wear thighhighs.

The NPC version simply has a crane attached to her with a ribbon. Her shoes are simple heels.

The playable version wears pieces of armor, propeller platform shoes and she has several cranes attached to her ship parts.

Once remodeled, she wears a white bandana and actual weapons (mostly anti-air guns) are attached to her.

She has long pink hair with freshly cut strands held by red tress ribbons as well as green eyes.


  • NPC Premium shop and LSC ship.
  • The only specialized repair ship operated by the IJN (the other two were cancelled).
  • Escaped Operation Hailstone on Truk in February 20, 1944, fled to Palau.
  • Sunk while anchored in Palau on March 30, 1944 during Operation Desecrate One.
  • Salvaged and scrapped in 1954.
  • Akashi had 17 different factories within her body. Factories included furnace and anvils amongst other things - a mobile manufacturing complex.
  • Out of the 779 crew in her, 443 were mechanics, which was not limited to military personnel.
  • Had 2 chimneys. The front chimney was used to exhale smoke from the factories - the one you see around her right arm.
  • Had power generation capabilities that rivalled the Yamato (4800kw) in order to power her machines.
  • Had German machinery loaded, allowing her to have unparalleled reparation abilities compared to standard onshore factories. Her ability to repair ships efficiently was what made her a priority target by the Americans.
  • Her name was first carried by the second and last protected cruiser of the Suma class in 1899.






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