Faye Daniels was portrayed by Francesca Ciardi

Akashi Tsukasa is the Main Protagonist of Lovecome like a Demon.


Akashi is a very tall teenager. He has Red hair and eyes. He usually wears his highschool uniform.


Akashi has always had trouble with girls. He beat up people who tried doing perverted things to his crushes, only for his crushes to run away frightened. One day when walking to high school, He once again beat up some delinquents who where harrasing a girl, but this time, she did not run away. Her name was Kiko, and she thanked him for helping her and Akashi fell in love with her. They later went on a date (as friends), only for an Oni to appear. After Akashi defeated to Oni, Kiko revealed that she too, was an Oni and the daughter of King Enma. Akashi meets King Enma in person and, to his surprise, King Enma thanked him for defeated the Oni, who was actually her fiancé. King Enma asks him to defeat all of Kiko's potential husbands and he agrees. 


Akashi acts like a typical delinquent, quick to anger and dense. However, he is actually a good guy. He never starts a fight unless challenged to one, and he never picks on people weaker then him. He also a "Defender" of sorts as he often beats up perverts who pick on girls. However his evil grin and red hair causes girls to be afraid of him. After meeting Kiko, he decides to be a better person to protect her and so she can make lots of friends.

Powers & Abilities

Strength: Akashi is incredibly strong, able to send humans and oni's flying with one punch.

Endurance: Akashi can take many injuries, ranging from being slamed into the street, to having his arm broken, and still stand like nothing is wrong.

Hellblaze: A power given to him by King Enma. He can set his arm ablaze increasing the power of his punches. However, he needs to be careful or he risks burning his entire arm off.

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