Akazukin is the titular heroine from the magic world Fandavale (Magic). She is one of the Three Musketeers, and has come to the Elde world to protect Souta who holds the Elde Key. She uses magic, but her speciality seems to be physical attacks. She can control fire magic. Later on she gets an upgrade in her powers when the Three Musketeers try to obtain the ultimate magic. She was the one that received it, and when she activated it she called it Princess Mode, due to the fact it makes her look like a princess like the other two Musketeers. The power is like the other card magic she usually uses. The only thing is, it does not stay active all the time, only when used. She was born in Vise village, the same village where she met Val for the first time: the morning after the village was destroyed. Eleven years before the story, the village was destroyed by werewolves led by Jed. Jed attacked the village to kill his younger brother Cain, who is really Val. During the destruction, she lost her parents and Cain's mother. She has some feelings for Souta.

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  • Her seiyuu, Yukari Tamura,
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