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Akeha is a character of the Anoter Time Anoter Leaf.


  • Age: 15
  • Occupation: Kaede mother role of
  • Favorite things: an interesting incident
  • Dislikes: that small difficult, it is frustrating


Maple look-alike of the girl that was there in the hand mirror that Kaede was handed from the mother. Only appearance look-alike thing is, the contents are 180 degrees opposite. Sold the fight buy all, trouble interesting thing I love of problem child. Have the ability to go back Vicious Mind only in the past referred to as "Shi Qian (time shooting", or rather ...... that are cooperating to resolve the Nanjiken that occur around the maple by using it, and plunged the neck in the incident to take the lead want. Appearance to scold her mother instead catapult worried about too serious a friendly Kaede also.


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