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Akela is the iconic titular protagonist of the movie “Akela and the Bee”.

Akela is a spelling bee prodigy at her school and neighborhood. Her heroes journey started when her principal and Joshua Larbee, her mentor offered her to join the National spelling bee in order to raise school funds and get new school textbooks which she reluctantly agreed (because of constant bullying).

At first she having difficulty with adjusting new and complex spellings and stressful family life until she gained more help from her community which destroys the bullying.

While competiting in the National Spelling Bee, Akela becomes sympathetic to Dillion, who is to is like her but under more stress because of his father wants him to succeed when he couldn’t.

While getting help from her community and Larbee, she learns that her mentor had a daughter who died when she was Akela’s age cause Mrs. Larbee to leave him.

At the National Spelling Bee both Akela and Dillion become co-champions after the two of them failed to disqualify on purpose in order to support each other.

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