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Akemi Nakajima is a character from the Digital Devil Story trilogy of novels and the original Megami Tensei for the Famicom.


3 grade Juhijiri high school. Handsome youth that are blessed with natural endowment as a programmer. It is also a reincarnation was figure of Japan creator deity, Izanagi God. Selection is in the class was not always so good grades, from the knowledge of good looks and programming, it was the presence to be reckoned also in the class. It becomes a chance to tasted humiliation, from personal grudge and revenge and curiosity, operate the "devil summoning program" which assembled themselves, to summon the demon Loki in the human world. For a while it succeeded in demon summoned with the help of the devil of force to dominate the school, and so is also the wife of the previous life while knowing it Yumiko Shirasagi but tries to dedicate as a sacrifice also, it was materialize Loki It regained the memory of as Izanagi God in the midst of a desperate struggle with, and decided to defeat the devil. Since taking the responsibility of the reformed situation which itself was invited after, and it is fight the demons to protect the Yumiko is a darling more than anything else, eclipse the heart can not withstand the weight of the soon own sins rare to go. After a month and a half from the battle with Seth, he is arrested by the police in order to killed mob insulted yourself and Yumiko. The results of the trial of one-time there is no retrial, previously also prosecution the death penalty in conjunction with that killed classmate to summon the devil, to receive the decision of the prosecution as to the next day. But tried to escape at the public execution ground in enforcement date, and lose sanity and been misled by the nightmare, it happened crowd indiscriminately Zansatsu. for finally was nearing sword to Yumiko, it would have been murdered forced by the death and was Izanami God trying to protect her. After becoming the presence of the soul only to lose body also continues always worried about things Yumiko, it had been helping in Asuka you yearn Yumiko and her at every thing. After the battle of the TakashiIsao Emperor, to throw oneself in the ring of reincarnation to each other Tour of a living again Yumiko.

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