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Aki is a heroine from 007 movie’s You Only Live Twice.

She was played by Akiko Wakabayashi.


She appears and meets Bond for the first time at a sumo wrestling match, when he has to find someone to meet Mr. Henderson, the contact who M is in Japan. Confirmed that Aki is Bond's contact, she tells her the keywords “I love you” and so Aki takes him to meet Henderson in his Toyota 2000GT. During the meeting Henderson is killed and then Bond kills his killers. Bond is however later captured by the baddies and taken to the Osato Chemical Works base, Aki, being a driver, rescues him and then takes him to meet his boss Tiger Tanaka. That evening Aki puts on a Bikini and invites Bond to spend the night with her saying "I think I will enjoy very much serving under you" before they go to bed.

At Tanaka's house, the curvy and scantily clad Aki exchanges imperceptibly with Bond's masseuse and kisses him. As she takes her away, she remarks that no one will disturb them tonight and that she "will enjoy serving under him".

The next morning, Bond returns to the Osato Chemical Works to find Blofeld's henchman, Mr. Osato. Immediately after the meeting Bond is chased by the SPECTER men, Aki arrives to save him again. The gunmen chase Aki's car with her and Bond in her and she leads them under a SIS helicopter that lifts their car with a giant magnet and then dumps it into the sea. Aki then takes Bond to a dock to investigate a ship suspicious of the bad guys. On the ship they are attacked by the SPECTER men, Bond tells Aki to go and report, she refuses, but eventually obeys.

Bond is then captured by Helga Brandt, and Aki saves him just in time from the murder, they then go to Takana's headquarters and Bond is assigned a mission to which Aki cannot accompany him. By the time Bond arrives at the Kyoto base, Aki is already fully informed about SPECTER's plan and must be part of Takana's ninja force, and is saddened when they inform her that she cannot play the part of Bond's "wife" during cover-up, however. she was useful in training ninjas with Bond in the "becoming Japanese" phase.

Shortly after Bond arrives at the Ninja Academy he sleeps in a room with Aki, but a killer enters the room and tries to poison Bond with poison by putting it in her mouth, but Aki notices it and she takes the poison on her lips saving Bond. The poison works quickly and Aki feels great pain and shortly thereafter she dies within seconds.


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