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If you live long enough... I guess good things really do happen. I never thought I'd get to crush you with my own hands. I'll have to tell the guys when I see 'em.
~ Akihiro's last words, after killing Iok Kujan.

Akihiro Altland is a unit leader of Tekkadan and one of the main heroes of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Yasuaki Takumi in the original Japanese version and by Doug Erholtz in the English dub.


Akihiro Altland and his brother Masahiro were kidnapped by pirates after they attacked his parents' trade ship. Orphaned, the two brothers were abused and conditioned to be "human debris", causing Akihiro to become cold as a result. Akihiro was eventually separated from his brother when he was sold off to Chryse Guard Security while his brother remained with the Brewers.

After the children of the CGS Third Group staged a coup against the adults of the organization and took it over, renaming it to Tekkadan, Akihiro became one of the newly formed organization's mobile suit pilots and its second unit, nicknamed the "Muscle Unit".

Akihiro later encountered his brother Masahiro again when Tekkadan was assaulted by the Brewers while transporting Kudelia Aina Bernstein to Earth. He tried to convince Masahiro to join Tekkadan with him, only to find that the abuse Masahiro had suffered through the years had left him with a twisted mental state. Akihiro tragically lost his brother when he sacrificed himself to shield Akihiro from an attack.

When Tekkadan were pushed to Mars following their attempted rebellion against Gjallarhorn, Akihiro, Mikazuki Augus and several other pilots stayed behind to hold off the Arianrhod Fleet while the rest of Tekkadan escaped. In the battle, Akihiro encountered Iok Kujan and crushed him to death, before dying himself because of the prior wounds he sustained.


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