Akiko Glitter, a.k.a. the "Just Dance Girl"

Welcome to Just Dance!
~ Akiko Glitter

Akiko Glitter (💃) is the host of the Just Dance app and a supporting character of the 2017 animated film The Emoji Movie. She is voiced by famous singer, Christina Aguilera.


She is a dancer/coach and the host of the Just Dance app. She has white skin, making her look just like a Just Dance coach. She also dons a pink glove on her left hand (which is actually her right one), a typical element of a Just Dance coach since the second game of its main series. She has pink hair formed as a ponytail by a purple hair ring, blue eyes, and pink eyebrows. She dons a golden sparkly tank top, green pants with star designs supported by a blue belt with a star buckle, a purple arm band on her left arm near her shoulder, bracelets on her right wrist, hoop earrings on both of her ears, and black boots with yellow shoestrings. She also wears headphones with a mic facing on the left.


Because of her desire of dancing, she is very upbeat and enthusiastic. She is also friendly and caring to Gene, Hi-5, and Jailbreak, despite being seen as a "distraction" to the trio's mission.

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