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Akiko Yoshida is a character in American Dad. She is the love interest of Steve Smith.


Akiko is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida, as well as the younger sister of Toshi Yoshida.

Akiko first appears in the episode "American Dream Factory", as a kid (possibly 7-10 years old). She tries out for Steve's band and was criticized by Toshi for not showing leg, Akiko later reappears, this time showing leg.

In "Weiner of Our Discontent", Steve tries to hit on her briefly and becomes turned on when she slaps him in the face. She referees a hot dog eating contest between Toshi and Steve.

In "Man in the Moonbounce", she was invited to Steve's 14th birthday party.

In "Shallow Vows", Akiko appears next to her brother, while he paints Steve and Hayley a portrait for their parent's wedding vow renewals.

In "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls", Akiko is dressed as Chun Li (from the video games series Street Fighters). Steve has an apparent crush on her and she reciprocates his feelings, however after Steve tells Toshi to ease up on her, Akiko thanks Steve before telling him that she has an apparent crush on Doug.

In "Spelling Bee My Baby", Akiko sneaks off with Steve to avoid her mother's intense college preparations, but is later kidnapped by Francine, when she thinks that Akiko is trying to sabotage Steve's chances of winning the spelling bee over Akiko. Akiko and Steve patch up their difference and fall in love, each intentionally misspelling their assigned words so that neither will win.


  • Akiko was originally designed as a young child, but the developers later aged her up to the point of being in high school along with her brother and Steve Smith after her first appearance in "American Dream Factory".
  • Unlike most of the girls Steve has a crush on - Akiko is the one of the few to not only return Steve's feelings, but genuinely falls in love with him (the two even shared a kiss in "Spelling Bee My Baby").
  • The fate of her and Steve's relationship remains a mystery, after she has not been seen since the episode "Spelling Bee My Baby".
  • Akiko appears to understand Japanese, as shown when she translate her brother's words in "Weiner of Our Discontent".


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