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Akim Souab is one of the main characters of the French cartoon Wheel Squad.


He is the team leader with a strong genius and sense of humor and is always willing to help the residents of the neighborhood where he lives with his friends Jessica, Bob and Johnny. It is an excellent skater being able to make numerous movements while running at high speed in his roller skates.

However it is very temperamental and impulsive reaching to get into fights with vandals and criminals through the streets in order to help his friends who often ends up causing fights mainly with Willy, gang leader of Snakes. In other cases they and their friends are also trying to thwart the plans of the corrupt greedy Enzo, assistant to Mr. Rotter and vice president of mall network World-Mart. Akim is also the eldest son of Souabs forward youngest of six brothers who also train to be skaters like him.

With his friends the Wheel Squad they always gather in the city missions carrying communicators watches and fighting crime. Johnny and Bob are his best friends, though sometimes Akim tease Bob. Jessica is seen as its main sidekick because roller skates also have to move at high speed, including an episode shows Jessica a secret love for Akim, but ends up not being matched.