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Akio Asakura anime version

Akio Asakura is the main protagonist in Wangan Midnight series. He was voiced by Shun Oguri for anime and portrayed by Yuichi Nakamura for live action film.

He also appears in Maximum Tune arcade games as a CPU racer.


He started racing since he was very young. When he was 17, he went to Wangan Midnight prologue in last year's high school, often takes a back seat to his enjoyment of racing.


At the very beginning of Wangan Midnight, he drove a red Nissan Z31 until he lost against Tatsuya Shima that who drives a black Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 in a race during midnight. Then later on his mechanic bought him a totaled blue Nissan Fairlady Z-L S30 "Devil Z" from the junkyard which was previous driven by an another driver that has the same name as him. Then it was restored later.


He is gentle and humble teenager but obsessed about Wangan highway racing. Racing is his priority that once he skipped the school enough to make him repeat a grade to race.

Akio as seen in Wangan Midnight live action movie 2009.

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