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Akira, also known as The fifty-sixth child of Shirona of the Snow Village in Mount Iwaki, is a major character in the anime and manga series Kemono Jihen. He is the 56th child and the younger twin brother of Yui at the snow village on mount Iwanki, and a Snow Kemono. He now the employee of the Kemono office.

He was voiced by Ayumu Murase in the Japanese and Cassie Ewulu in English.


Akira is a young boy with a long light blue hair and blue eyes. He is not a female, is a male, he is the feminine appearance. Meanwhile, Kabane meet him at his first time, he mistakes at him from the beautiful girl.

He has a blue shirt has a white collar and cuffs. He has a tie with a bolo at his shape on the blue rose under the neck. He has a white pants, whose the three black buttons, and suspenders. His suspenders moving off under over way on calves. He also has a white Mary Janes shoes and white socks.


Akira is a very caring, approachable and energetic boy and now sometimes been clumsy, when he not been above from achieve tasks properly. Akira loves being cute and constantly things will telling selfish on commemorate why did he feeling and former doing. He was very grossed out, being scary and fragile out of the slight at bugs and other dirty thinks when he getting danger. Later on, Akira tries to be a friend such as reliable, while he comes into the fearing to rescue his friends.


Akira appears for Inugami to take a look from his older twin brother, Yui. After they coming to the Japan, Akira using to line up deeps at the mountains at Aomori along with his twin brother at the Yuki-Onna village. Later on, Everyone trying to running away, his twin brother stay away from protect to Akira and everybody gets separated at the success.