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Akira Akatsuki

Akira Akatsuki is the main protagonist of Marvel's Disk Wars: The Avengers, an anime series which uses several heroes within the Marvel universe to aid Akira's group. 

His partner is Iron Man. Through his adventures, he will make new friends and at the same time make enemies that also utilize the D-Smash technique. Thus, summoning Marvel villains that will work for them and their twisted ideals.

He will need the cooperation of his friends in order to combat those that will also be using the D-Smash to wreak havoc.    


His notable features is his red hat that he wears on backwards. With a yellow shirt he wears underneath his red jacket.


He comes off as a happy-go-lucky protagonist. Which sometimes may get him into trouble. Though like the rest of his team, he works with his familiar to combat any of the many antagonist that the anime may throw at him.

Tech - Iron Man

His partner tends to act childish, which is in stark contrast to his movie counterpart. Which is funny, because he tends to scold Akira. And is kind of a running gag throughout the series. But when situations arise, he will meet them head on.

He gains this avatar, due to an event early into the story. Ever since, him and his team have been at the center of Hydra's attacks.

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