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Akira Himi is a Burst Linker that works as a bodyguard for players level 2 and under. She helps these players by partnering with them and helping them gain points in tag matches. Her fee is the record of the burst linker's real world identity.

She was once part of the element-themed Burst Linker group called the Elements under Black Lotus until her disappearance.


Akira is a young girl with short, brown hair that she wears down. She has yellow eyes and wears a red framed glasses. Her attire consists of a white turtleneck sweater with a gray coat on top.

Akira's Avatar

Kurrent's Avatar.png

Akira's virtual character design is an otter with brown and white fur. It has the same red framed glasses that she wears in real life and also wears a small red tie.

Aqua Current

Aqua Current.jpg

Akira's Brain Burst character is Aqua Current. It has a slender body with two pigtails and has two glowing eyes. Aqua Current's body is completely made of water that has no impurities and is able to shift her shape at will.


Akira is shown to not reveal many of her emotions, but is very straightforward when she speaks to other people.


She has the abilities of pure water, which prevents her from taking much damage and allows her to change the shape of her avatar. Due to her being pure water which has no impurities, it makes her the perfect insulator. Having these abilities make her a formidable combatant and she took the least amount of damage when dueling alongside Silver Crow. She also has good amount of skill and experience which can be seen by the plan she draws up to help Haru gain some points.


  • In Volume 13, her real name was revealed to be Akira Himi.
  • In the BD 8 Volume, it is revealed that Aqua Current and Blood Leopard are Parent and Child as well as real life cousins.
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