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My name is Akira Otoishi, 19 years old... Oh, don't mind this guitar I have here. My dream is to be like Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck. I want to be an ultra super guitarist and live life hard and fast
~ Akira Otoishi talking about her dream.

Akira Otoishi, was a major antagonist redeemed and antihero in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable after being defeated and arrested by the Joestar group, next to its Red Hot Chili Pepper Stand. His Japanese voice actor is Showtaro Morikubo and his English voice is Andrew Russell.


He is highly self-centered, using his newly imparted power to rob many people and cause terror in the city of Morioh, and even kill anyone who stands in his way without resentment. He is dedicated to his craft as a guitarist, as well as desiring recognition or fame as a rock star. After being released from prison, he continues to pursue this goal.

Akira expresses himself through his guitar, channeling his anger to Josuke for breaking his little finger due to the nature of his support he is confident, but also smart enough to utilize his skills to the fullest and is somewhat proficient at manipulating, evident through his battle with Okuyasu Nijimura. But while he's smart, he often fails to notice the minor details that can lead to his downfall, as shown in his fight with Josuke, after being sent to prison he appears to have redeemed himself and is no longer causing trouble, as shown in Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan.


To further her rather self-centered desire, Akira uses her support to assassinate Keicho Nijimura and forcefully rip his bow and arrow out, afterwards he tormented and watched several people, among them Josuke Higashikata, as he tried to improve the use of his guitar skills. Akira calls Jotaro Kujo at his hotel threatening him to leave Morioh, assuming he has killed Keicho, is with Stand Bow and Arrow, and that he won't bother them if they don't bother him; assaulting Jotaro for deducing he was a student, Akira makes his supporter blow up the phone. The theft of the Bow and Arrow makes Jotaro Kujo brand him a threat and look for a way to find his location as his Stand allows him to interact with other people at long distance via electricity.

Akira sends his TV support of Josuke battling him and Crazy Diamond, with the aim of testing his strength by preparing for the event of a confrontation with Jotaro. During the next confrontation, Akira Otpishi himself appeared to kill Joseph himself, introducing himself to Josuke and Koichi Hirose, he believed that Josuke was an easy target underestimating his junior, which led to mistakes and injuries. Akira eventually decides to power support with all of Morioh's electrical supply, causing a huge increase in strength and speed allowing him to overtake Crazy Diamond with few problems; Josuke manages to attach Stand to a car tire but Chili Pepper makes a hole. His overconfidence was the reason for his defeat, when the air from the tire pushed him into the ocean along with the Chili Pepper, dismantling the support and leading to near death. Even though he appeared to lose consciousness as he got up, Akira made one last effort to get into the boat Joseph was on, disguising himself as a Speedwagon Foundation worker, Okuyasu acting as Joseph's bodyguard, saw this and prepared to attack, but Akira confused him by saying that the other operator of the SPW Foundation was the real Otoishi. Okuyasu wasn't used to working his brain so he decided he would hit both of them, and luckily he hit Akira Otoishi first. He was later put on trial with a sentence of three years behind bars, without bail or parole for the things he had stolen; it was there that Jotaro threatened him saying that if he tried to escape, he and Josuke would hunt him to the ends of the earth and finish him off. Akira later reveals to Jotaro that he shot the mouse Bug-Eaten, but hid the fact that he actually shot both mice (Bug-Eaten and Not Bug- Eaten).

Otoishi, now released from prison, asks Rohan Kishibe for an autograph along with Tamami Kobayashi, claiming to be a big fan of his work, both of whom are harshly reprimanded by Rohan's editor Minoru who tells them that Rohan is busy at the moment, but Rohan, in turn, berates his editor for treating him like a "slow mangaka who can't sign autographs" before signing autographs for the two of them with coffee using a special drip technique.


Akira is a 19-year-old with long, wavy, purple hair. The lightning bolt scar (or tattoo, considering its color) reacts on the left side of your face vertically from your forehead, past your left eye, to your jaw. He wears a dark jacket, the right sleeve with the words "AC" and the left sleeve "DC", along with a vest, tight pants and boots. He also frequently uses an electric guitar with details ranging from the Fender Telecaster to the Fender Stratocaster.

Powers and Abilities

Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper acts as a living battery, being able to absorb electricity within its body and use it freely. It is also capable of traveling through electricity wires as far as he can go, never losing its power even when far away from its user. If it absorbs its maximum capacity, it begins shining and becomes intangible. However, it is highly vulnerable to water, causing it to lose all of its power and disable Red Hot Chili Pepper, plus severely weaken it with a rusty look.

Guitar Talent: Otoishi himself is also a master at his musical craft, being able to "tap" with one hand even with a broken finger.

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