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Akira Tachibana is the main protagonist in the anime series After The Rain. She is the childhood friend of Haruka Kiyan, while she was living in the high school sophomore with Kazamizawa High School when she working at her restaurant Garden.

She was voiced by Sayumi Watabe in the Japanese version, and by Luci Christian in the English dubbed version. In the Live Action, she was voiced by Nana Komatsu.


Akira is a young beautiful girl has a skin able her weight on her black long back length over the straight bangs cover the eyebrows, purple eyes and a sharp, she also has a piercing expression. She wears a school uniform with a white shirt and a red and white tie under on the middle at the each side. She wears a dark blue skirt holds her light yellow jacket with her back on the each side. She also wears a long black socks and brown shoes.


Akira is a misbehaves and quiet girl can talks out with she needing to find her quite inner must be tends of this time. She have been debut often can be fierce with making as the others confused and wary to how request. She thought having to strong feeling to values and emotions to which is correct or incorrect, what is somewhere released from opposed while outburst. Like much, she has strong personality to makes the proune with a honest and blunt chat.

She has a cold personality, her consider was still during as attractive her friends unlike Takashi Yoshizawa. She finds out that is a cute fashion and items magazines, makes the fictional character about her surface albeit the harshness. She is love and sports in goal-oriented and diligent. She also is fast runner and athletic.


She is living with her mother and father who visits on this time for time, such as meet intive her interest who turning as well to be out distant.

She was confident as the problem that she is the woman's Track of the team in the school, now tending of her Achilles tendon injury due to the race, she refuse to never give up. Her horrible virtue bitterness and regret is quitting the field club and track, obviously she severe to trying for avoid these everything rate on it, introduced the teammates. The special onto at a wild depression whos is finding the sense at her future and purpose when it came a fog. Before the doctor appointment, it's starting to raining and shelter out sought in her café restaurant, Garden. Her manager restaurant, Masami Kondou noting her that sit in the window, hazed outside and losing her in thoughts, and order some coffee in the house while he present used the magic tragic. She was surprising from both on us kindness and hid trickser, finding the wear immensely lift while she became an attracted for him.