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Akitsu Maru.png
My name is Akitsu Maru
It is an honour to be part of this fleet.
~ Akitsu Maru

Akitsu Maru (あきつ丸?) was a Japanese landing craft depot ship and escort aircraft carrier operated by the Imperial Japanese Army. In some sources Akitsu Maru and her sister ship Nigitsu Maru are also considered to be the first amphibious assault ships.


In her unremodeled state, she sports a grey military uniform complete with peaked cap, a pleated skirt and a pair of thighhighs with a pair of white sneakers along with a white randoseru and a pouch. Attached to her hips are grey ship parts. She holds what appears to be her deck.

In her remodeled state, her uniform changes to black in colour, while her backpack is turned red, her ship parts went from grey to green and platforms are added under her sneakers. She gains a flight deck in the form of a scroll made out of two halves of a flight deck, a drawing of her flight deck on the scroll as well as siddham writing all over both parts. She now holds a lantern.

Otherwise, she has short black hair along with black eyes and pale skin.


  • This is due to her character design being reminiscent of ZUN's art style, to the point when people edited her into one game's danmaku-filled Spellcard screens she looked right at home.
  • Base ship can equip fighters even though it's capacity is 0.
  • Can launch planes even when heavily damaged (red).
  • Sunk 15 November 1944 by the submarine Queenfish (SS-393).