I'm Seaplane Tender Akitsushima! Make sure to remember me along with this Taitei-chan, alright!

The Akitsushima (秋津洲?) was a seaplane tender of the Imperial Japanese Navy, serving during World War II from 1942 until being sunk in September 1944.


Akitsushima has long purplish-grey hair pulled into a side ponytail of to her left with an ahoge, payot, and hair ornament on top. She also has a very long hair ribbon on her right with two dangling anchors. (Which seems like it would hurt...) She has purple eyes. She wears a mint green-and-white military uniform with black trim that includes a double-breasted jacket and pleated skirt. She wears thighhighs and a garter on one leg to create a zettai ryouiki effect.

In her combat gear, she wears a small ship-like device strapped to her side by a clamp-like device attached to her hip. The most prominent features of the mini-ship are a large crane and a double-cannon turret near the back and front of the deck, respectively. She also wears red heel-like boots with a keel.

Her clothes and gear's coloring is based on the actual ship's peculiarly garish camouflage.

Her "familiar" is Nishikitaitei-chan, a seaplane nearly as large as herself that has a Rensouhou-chan-like face on its left side that she carries with her.


  • Akitsushima was given ship repair facilities after Akashi was destroyed, allowing her to act as a repair ship. She served in this capacity for only two months before her sinking.
  • Sunk by aircraft at Coron Bay, Palawan, Philippines (11°59′0″N, 120°2′0″E), 24 September 1944. *Location also has other non-combat IJN ships nearby, including the food supply ship Irako.
  • Her wreck site is a very popular diving spot, located at a depth of 20 – 36 metres (66 – 118 feet).
  • Was one of the ships implemented in celebration of KanColle's 2nd Anniversary.
  • Her name was first carried by a 1894 protected cruiser sole in her class.


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