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Akshan, also known as The Rogue Sentinel, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

A hotheaded, righteous man from Shurima, Akshan opposed injustice in his hometown. When he was killed after picking a fight he couldn't win, he was resurrected by a Sentinel of Light named Shadya, who trained him as a Sentinel to fight for justice. But when she was killed, Akshan desired vengeance on anyone who would hurt him and his allies, but still keeps a heroic spirit within.

The 156th champion added the game, Akshan was released on May 22, 2021. He is often played in the middle lane.

He is voiced by Sunil Malhotra.


Akshan was a street urchin born in Marwi, a Shuriman city oppressed by warlords who took what they wanted from the citizens. Akshan could not stand to ignore this injustice, so he regularly stood up to the warlords. One time, he ended up angering the wrong man, causing him to get ruthlessly beaten and left to die on the streets.

Just then, an elderly woman named Shadya rescued the unconscious Akshan and revived him. When he awoke, Shadya introduced herself as being a Sentinel of Light whose job was to defend the nation from the forces of the Shadow Isles. Although Akshan was stubborn and rebellious, he was vulnerable and had a sense of justice, so she let him join the Sentinels of Light. The two held a close bond, but Akshan noticed Shadya growing more worried and distant over time. She told him that a colossal Harrowing was coming, and they needed their Sentinel weapons hidden deep in Shurima's tombs.

Unfortunately, most of the Sentinel weapons were stolen by the warlords, who refused to give the weapons back. Only one weapon remained, a grappling hook known as the Absolver which could revive murder victims if it killed the one that murdered them. Shadya refused to let Akshan use it, telling him that he should leave the cycle of life and death to fate. Akshan became more curious about the Absolver, believing that with it he could solve the problems he fought (and died) for when he was young. He eventually realized that Shadya had revived him by using the Absolver to kill the warlord who beat him to death. Akshan wondered why he had been chosen to be revived, since there were so many victims who were more worthy than him.

One day, Akshan returned from his duties to find Shadya dead on the street, in the same place where he was killed all those years ago. Akshan decided that he knew what he had to do, so he took the Absolver and set out to kill the warlords whom once oppressed his hometown. He was uncertain which of them killed Shadya, but he decided that he would kill all of them with the Absolver so that one day he can bring back Shadya.


Akshan is charming and showoffish yet very arrogant, boasting about his own abilities and quipping about his enemies. Underneath his usual demeanor, Akshan wishes to get revenge on those who wrong others, to the point where he prioritizes his own thirst for vengeance over his allies' wishes. Although he is unsure of whom killed his master, he has decided to kill all of the warlords not just as a trial-and-error method to bring Shadya back, but also to get revenge on all of them for getting away with their injustices. In spite of this, Akshan favors justice at heart, and fights to defend people who can't defend themselves, and his heroic resolve prevents him from losing his morals and letting his vindictiveness get the better of him. He cares about his master Shadya the most, and ultimately wants to bring Shadya back to life.


Akshan is a ranged assassin-type champion with the unique ability to speed up the respawns of his dead allies.

  • Akshan's passive, Dirty Fighting, causes his basic attacks to fire twice. If Akshan cancels the second attack, he will gain increased movement speed. When Akshan attacks the same target thrice in a row, they take bonus magic damage, and give Akshan a shield if his target was a champion.
  • His Q ability, Avengerang, makes him fire a boomerang, damaging enemies in its path and granting sight wherever it goes. Each hit enemy gives the boomerang more range until it returns to Akshan.
  • His W ability, Going Rogue, makes him go invisible for 2 seconds, which is prolonged as long as he stays near walls. While stealthed, Akshan will move faster towards enemy champions marked as Scoundrels while increasing his mana regeneration.
    • Having Going Rogue unlocked will passively cause enemy champions to be marked as Scoundrels if they kill Akshan's allies. If Akshan kills a Scoundrel, the champions they have killed will instantly respawn at their fountain, and all other enemy champions will have their Scoundrel status removed.
  • His E ability, Heroic Swing, makes him fire his grappling hook which attaches to terrain. When recast or forced to move while the hook is attached, Akshan swings from his hook and fires his gun at the nearest enemy. He can then recast or move again to leap off and fire one more shot. Heroic Swing's cooldown will be refreshed when Akshan contributes to a kill.
  • His R ability, Comeuppance, causes him to lock on to an enemy as he charges the Absolver with light bullets, before firing them towards his target and damaging the first enemy hit by each bullet. Akshan can still move or use Heroic Swing while using Comeuppance.


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