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Al is a recurring character and heroine in the Dark Witch video game series, serving as a boss in The Legend of Dark Witch and The Legend of Dark Witch 3, an NPC in The Legend of Dark Witch 2 and as the main protagonist in the RPG spin-off Brave Dungeon.

She is a treasure hunter who is encountered by Zizou Olympia several times. She is later revealed to have been a member of the Magic Lion Corps that fought against the Fae in the war for the Old Islands.


The Legend of Dark Witch

While venturing in the Silent Ice Roads, Al was approached by Zizou Olympia, Goddess of Magic, who was investigating the mysterious disappearances of Syega all across the Old Islands. After Al refused to divulge any information, the two fought and Zizou defeated Al, at which point Al directed Zizou to go find Blad, saying she might have information on what was going on.

The Legend of Dark Witch 2

While Al has no involvement in the story of this game, she appears as the one running the Magic Item shop and the "Forbidden" skills menu.

Brave Dungeon

Al appears as the main protagonist. She travels to Newport, hearing of the legendary dungeon Godshill, and enters it hoping to find treasure but is quickly overwhelmed by the enemies within and knocked out. She is later rescued and taken to Lugli's inn, where she wakes up and decides to forms a party to help her get through the dungeon. After Al's party gets through several dungeons, they enter Godshill once again and manage to defeat the dungeon's guardian Bajel. However, Bajel then sends the Magic Item they were looking for to a different dungeon. Al returns to Lugli and explains to her what happened, but Lugli doesn't buy it. Despite this, impressed that Al made it back unharmed, Lugli realizes that Al must really be a member of the Magic Lion Corps and agrees to serve her.

The Legend of Dark Witch 3

When Day returned to the Old Islands seeking revenge for her banishment, Zizou went to warn the members of the Magic Lion Corps about her. When Zizou gets to Al, the two end up getting in a fight but Zizou defeats her.