Al borland
Al Borland is one of the main protagonists on Home Improvement. He is the co-host with Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on Tool Time. Tool Time is a local show in Detroit where Tim and Al demonstrate a lot of tools and projects as your do it yourself show. It also a talk show where celebrities appear on Tool Time and help them demonstrate a lot of tools. Al usually gets annoyed by Tim, when Tim makes fun of his weight, beard and his mother. He usually can take it sometimes and never bothered him. Sometimes he will be upset if Tim goes too far. Al's father had him when he was 60 and worked at the same factory for all his life. Al used to be a master contractor and master plumber. His idol and hero is Bob Vila. Al is very childish. Unlike Tim, who usually sexist and chauvinistic to women. Al respects them and treat them as equal like men. Al is Tim's best friend and they do everything together. Al is very creative, when he created Tool Time board game. Mostly on the show everybody likes Al. Even Tim's mother in law likes Al and tells her friends that Al was her son. Al dated ILene who was an orthodontist and they dated for three years. They almost got married, they both realize they were in different directions and called off the wedding. Al started dating a while, he does attract a lot of hot girls. He starts dating Trudy who is wealthy and Al loves her the way she is. Al's mother died, when he asked Trudy to marry him. Trudy and Al got married. He is a good father figure to Tim's boys and look out for them


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