Why doesn't the world die?
~ Al coming back from a bad day at work.

Al Bundy is the protagonist villain and anti-hero from the sitcom, Married... with Children, played by Ed O'Neill. He works at a shoe store and he barely makes enough money for his family; however, his family takes and wastes all his money. He often has suffered the miseries and tribulations that the universe throws at him, and is met with bad luck around every trend. His own lack of judgement and intelligence also constantly brings him worse luck.

Although arrogant, antagonistic, sexist, and misanthropic, Al never the less has several redeeming traits. His most notable one is his determination; no matter how bad his life gets, or how hard the situation is, he never gives up and will carry on till the bitter end, even when it's clear there is next to no chance, he always refuses to give up, he also constantly tries to teach this to his children by saying "we're losers, not quitters." Al's loyalty is also very high, despite constantly fantasizing about it, he would never abandon his family, and will always give up any opportunity to escape them, regardless of how much said opportunity would improve his life. Although not a good role model, he never the less tries to be there for his children and doesn't take kindly to anyone who cheats, lies to or mistreats them. For example he will beat any jerk who tries to advantage of his daughter into next week, and commonly (quite literally) throws them out of his house. Although he prefers to relax in front of the TV, Al is never the less very hardworking and is constantly trying to pay off his massive debts and keep his family afloat (something none of them help him with.) Al also normally comes through for others, even when it would be more beneficial for him not to.

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