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Alibaba, I really like this world we're living in. And so, I'm not going to let this world end!
~ Aladdin

Aladdin is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Alibaba Saluja) of the anime/manga series, Magi. He is a Magi and Magician, as well as the former owner of the Djinn, Ugo. He is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Kaori Ishihara as a child) in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Zach Aguilar (Erica Mendez as a child) in the English version of the anime.


Aladdin has a short, small figure, with medium long blue hair and bangs that stop at his eyes. He has large blue eyes, and a long, thin braid that extends down to his back. He is said to be the spitting image of his father, though Momo stated that his eyes resembled those of his mother (in shape if not in color).[3] He usually wears his Magic Turban on his head, which he uses to fly.[4] A ruby sits on his forehead, connected to the turban. Usually, he wears a small blue open vest with bandages wound around his chest. He wears long puffy white Arabian pants with no shoes. He always has his ex-metal vessel(a golden flute) around his neck. He also always carried around a staff, which he attained from Baba, until it was destroyed by Muu Alexius inMagnostadt. Subsequently, he replaced it with the staff of Matal Mogamett to remember his promise with him.

After training at the Magnostadt Academy for six months, Aladdin dresses in Magician robes and a hat. He doesn't wear the Magic Turban on his head anymore, but he still has the red ruby, which is now held up by a gold chain as a headpiece. His usual attire is beneath his magician robes. Alibaba also commented that he has grown taller in the last year.


Aladdin has a kind and cheerful personality, and as such he is easily able to make friends. He cherishes friends a lot since he's never really had friends except for Ugo prior to his arrival in the world, and gets upset if people disrespects them or harms them, even holding grudges against those who hurt them. In order to help his friends, he's become dedicated to becoming stronger. Aladdin does everything he can to defend and protect his friends from enemy attack, even to the point of him almost dying due to over-exertion.

He's a little naive about the world, not knowing what bazaars or Dungeons are because most of his life was spent in the Room of Fortitude. However, he is rather wise for his age, able to offer advice to others and providing remarkable insight at various points of time. Aladdin never seems condescending when criticizing others, and offers his opinions and thoughts in a matter-of-fact manner. He also has a calm temperament, even able to stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up of plans and solutions. He's also very eager to learn, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt.

Aladdin is shown to not be a greedy boy as demonstrated when he doesn't use his one wish for fortune or eternal life from Ugo and readily offering his whole bag of coins to hitch a ride to Magnostadt. Despite all this, however, he is quite lascivious for his age as he likes to jump on and grope women with large, soft breasts and according to Alibaba, has "manly interests." Aladdin is fully aware of his adorable appearance and is not shy to exploit it to maximal effect in his bid to grope women.

Aladdin also has a tendency to eat food that isn't his, such as when he ate all the watermelons in a cart belonging to Alibaba's master as shown in the anime, and Leila's precious watermelons in the manga. He also harbors a secret feeling of loneliness because he's different from everyone else since he's a magician and since he's different even from the three other Magis, him being the fourth Magi that shouldn't even exist.

Powers and Abilities

As a Magi, Aladdin is very powerful. He can use Magoi and several types of Magic to fight in a battle and can easily overpower strong fighters like Morgiana. It is revealed that he has always known the magic Ugo once used on his hands called Scorching Palm. Ugo taught him it just in case, so whenever Ugo used this magic, it was actually Aladdin that supplied the Magoi. He was told in Magnoshutatt that he is classified as a "Red Magician", one who specializes in flame and heat magic.

  • Martial Artist - Myers has taught Aladdin the basis of martial arts which he has shown to be quite well at, as even Matal Mogamett commented on how good his martial arts skills are. He can also combine is martial arts skills with his Magic.


  • Bolg - This is said to be the proof of a Magician. It is a defensive ability. It blocks out attacks with evil intentions. It also blocks out all physical attacks and magical attacks to some degree. It's strength, however, depends on the person.

Magic Tools

  • Magic Turban - Aladdin also has a Magic Turban which he is usually wearing, but when needed, it can become a carpet which can also be used for flying. It can hold a lot of weight. After training at the Magnoshutatt Academy, Aladdin is now able to use Gravity Magic, he has removed the cloth from the jewel in his turban and using the magic in the jewel, he amplifies his own Gravity Magic.
  • Eye of the Rukh- This Magic Tool is one that uses Clairvoyance Magic to allow two people to communicate with each other from far distances. Aladdin has one with Yamuraiha.
  • Magoi Reverse Tool- This is a Magic tool that forces the Magoi’s flow to go in a single direction.
  • Eight Magic Color Selection Crystal - Aladdin uses this tool, at the Magnoshutatt Academy, which determined that he was a "Red Magician".
  • 5th Type Magic Aid Tube - This is an aid tool that Aladdin used when learning Wind Magic.

Wisdom of Solomon

It is a power that allows communication with anyone's rukh including those contained in the living and those of the dead. It also allows normal people to hear the will of Rukh and seems to be able to see the past, present and future, through the use of Rukh. This power is also able to temporarily summon departed souls back to life as a way to say any last goodbyes. This, however, is very tiring to Aladdin. It allowed Aladdin to enter the body of Alibaba to get rid of a curse cast on him by Isnan. According to Isnan this power makes the person "Omniscience".

  • Wand - Aladdin uses a Wand to fight firing Magoi as well as Magic. Aladdin has changed Wands from one he previously had, to one he received from the deceased Baba. After training in Magnoshutatt and learning martial arts, he starts combines both of these in his Magic.

Heat Magic

  • Halharl Infigar (Scorching Heat Double Palms) - A type of heat magic once used by Ugo. He usually uses it with Alibaba to support an affinity for fire. At the Magnoshutatt Academy, Aladdin had to use the Magoi Reverse Tool to stop him from gaining other people's magoi around, so he had to train his inner magoi. At first, the power output was minimal, only getting him in the 6th Kodor, but after two weeks it became gradually stronger, and after a month, it became stronger than his original, gaining him entrance in to the 1st Kodor.
  • Halharl Rasars (Scorching Heat Consecutive Bullets) - This is a magic with multiple heat balls that Aladdin can control individually that makes a small explosion upon contact. It is considered mid-level magic, it uses a lot of ceremonial orders.

Water Magic

  • Sharrl Raaki (Evaporation Baptism) - It is a magic that combines heat and water magic to heat up the water in an opponent's body, leaving/creating high temperature steam. After training at the Magnoshutatt Academy, Aladdin is now able to attack multiple targets at once at a considerable distance.
  • Sharrl Sarab (Water Mirror Mirage) - It is a water magic that creates a mirage by generating a refraction in the light thanks to high temperature streams. After training at the Magnoshutatt Academy, Aladdin is now able to create a mirror of the whole Academy.

Wind Magic

  • Asfal Riif (Piercing Wind) - This a type of wind magic. It appeared as a type of tornado like magic.

Light Magic

  • Flash (Light Ray) - This is a type of light magic that creates a beam of light like a laser to attack an opponent.

Lightning Magic

  • Ramuzu (Thunder) - This magic creates a ball of lightning/thunder to attack the opponent.

Gravity Magic

Aladdin has learned Gravity Magic in order to float or fly he is so adept at it he moves at great speeds while employing this magic. It is further amplified when he uses the jewel from his Magic Turban.

  • Ugo-kun - Aladdin has created a magic that uses gravity magic to gather and manipulate sand creating a clay copy of Ugo, his former Djinn, that is capable of great physical feats such as speed and strength.

Aberrant Magic

  • Hadika Hadeka (Resonating Staff) - Aladdin has learned an Aberrant Magic by creating a combination spell of Wind Magic and Sound Magic, this spell makes the air vibrate really fast and is capable of pulverizing stone with one touch. Also, it only uses a little amount of Magoi.

Sound Magic

He is capable of doing Sound Magic using it in his Aberrant Magic.


Aladdin's Djinn is Ugo. He is also Solomon's Djinn and presumably the Djinn of heat.

Metal Vessel

Aladdin's Metal Vessel is a small, golden flute.



  • His name is based on "Aladdin" (Arabic: علاء الدين‎ 3alaa' Ad-Diin "Nobility of the Faith/Religion (referring to Islam) ), the main protagonist of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from the One Thousand and One Nights.
  • Aladdin likes reading and his weakness is women. His special skill is magic.
  • His favorite type of woman is a kind, tender young lady
  • He is also a primary member of the Shōnen Sunday franchise.