Not much is known about Aladdin's past, but he has found out who he is and where he came from thanks to Solomon and Solomon's Wisdom. The first memories he have are being in the Room of Fortitude with Ugo, where he was taught everything he knows by him. They were not able to escape from the Room of Fortitude for a long time, but they managed to escape some while after. Ugo's head wasn't as lucky. When he was speaking to Dunya about Magnoshutatt, Aladdin mentioned that his hometown is Alma Toran.


Dungeon Arc

As soon as Aladdin was released from the Room of Fortitude, along with Ugo, he went on a journey to find the Djinn Metal Vessels. The story began with Aladdin asking for food from desert thieves in the Oasis City, Utan. They began to threaten him and as they put a knife to his face, Ugo's arms sprouted out to attack them.

Aladdin is caught eating the food of Leila and Salsa's Caravan, and in return he was ordered to work for three days without pay. For the next few days, he spent his time with Leila and Salsa, helping with chores and getting to know the two. He even introduced Ugo to the two, much to the surprise of the them. Eventually, the Caravan needed to make it through a cavern and so they asked Leila's opinion on which direction they should take. She told to take route three, in fear that a thieves guild might be on route four.

During the discussion, a few men came up and surprised everyone when they told of Leila's past as a thief. Leila tried to convince everyone that was her past and that she has changed. However, after learning this information, no one could trust her, including her very best friend Salsa. They all told her to never come towards them again and ended up taking route four since they were convinced that Leila was trying to trick them. Leila was heart broken, but tried to convince herself that she didn't care. However, Aladdin saw through her act and called her on her real feelings. When she finally admitted to how she really felt, she burst out into tears saying how it was to late to do anything about it. Aladdin assured her that it was not. He rushed towards them with Ugo.

While Salsa's Caravan was being attacked by the thieves. Aladdin and Ugo with Leila on the back came rushing in to save the day. They made quick work of the thieves, with some inconvience through Ugo's shyness. After this, they said their last goodbyes and Aladdin went on his way.

Sometime later, Aladdin was on a cart with a lady and her child, plus Budel, a rich wine vendor. The cart was being driven by Alibaba Saluja. He was quickly scolded by Alibaba for insulting Budel. During this time he talked to Alibaba and got to know what a Dungeon was and a little about Alibaba's dream. Budel then began to insult Alibaba's dream, which Alladin noticed that he was frustrated by his words. Just then, their cart was attacked by a Desert Hyacinth from underneath. The whole thing was tipped over and all Budel's wine was thrown over, along with a little girl who was riding along. As Alibaba reached out to save the little girl, he was pushed out the way by Budel, who was trying to save his wine, causing the little girl to be thrown to the Desert Hyacinth.

The mother, grief stricken, was told by Budel he would buy her another one if the little girl meant so much to her. In that instant, Alibaba couldn't restrain himself any longer and punched Budel in the face. Alibaba took his wine then rushed in to save the girl. Aladdin tried to summon Ugo, but because the flute was full of sand, he could not. Alibaba threw in Budel's wine, to distract the Hyacinth and saved the girl while it was digesting the wine. He successfully saved the girl, but was captured himself by the Hyacinth. Alibaba tried to fight, but was knocked unconscious. Just then, Aladdin flew in with his Magic Turban and threw all of Budel's wine into Dessert Hyacinth's mouth much to the dismay of Budel. This saves Alibaba and both were thanked for their bravery. Aladdin was still trying to summon Ugo and when he finally did, everyone was freaked out except Alibaba. Eventually, they both made their way to the Oasis City, Qishan.

They walked together and made their way to a room, where Alibaba said he would treat Aladdin to some food and that they were friends. This made Aladdin very happy. During their meal, Alibaba asked about Ugo and what was the deal with the flute. During the talk, Alibaba asked if he found Ugo in a Dungeon, which Aladdin answered no and that he is looking for the Djinn Metal Vessels. In that moment, Aladdin was convinced he should go to a Dungeon to look, much to the surprise of Alibaba. Just then, Alibaba's boss came in to scold him for destroying Budel's wine and costing them a lot of money. Alibaba was very sorry and told his boss not to worry since he was going to pay him back by Dungeon Diving. Aladdin summoned Ugo, surprising Alibaba's boss and reassuring him they will succeed. During this, however, Alibaba said that Aladdin was his servant which greatly upset Aladdin. Alibaba didn't understand this and thought it was about the money. When he reassured Aladdin of his cut and Aladdin still didn't seem too enthusiastic, Alibaba became nervous in that Aladdin wouldn't want to Dungeon Dive anymore. He took Aladdin to a night club because he remembered how happy Aladdin became when he talked about girls before.

Aladdin eventually told Alibaba what was bothering him and Alibaba took it back and apologized which made Aladdin happy again.

Afterwards, Alibaba took Aladdin to the Seventh Dungeon, Amon. Alibaba started to become discouraged, because of all the deaths caused by this dungeon, but after Aladdin encouraged him, he became enthusiastic again. However, they decided to wait before they went in and to get prepared for their Diving. They went shopping for supplies and ran into Morgiana and quickly realized she was a slave. Aladdin, not knowing the severity of the situation, broke the chains on her legs to set her free. Budel then came around a saw this illegal action and called the police to arrest them. They used Ugo to run and made their way into the Dungeon. They were transported through the Dungeon's Door and through a tunnel of light.

Aladdin arrived there first in a pool of water and Alibaba arrived much later, long enough for Aladdin's cloths to dry. With them both there, they decided to go exploring and found the beautiful insides of the Dungeon. Alibaba decided to go down a particular tunnel, but Aladdin became scared and made him change his mind so that they can take their time to think about what they should do next. Unbeknownst to the both of them, this decision saved their lives. When they made their way back, they noticed how many doors there were and how each had a symbol on the wall next to them. Alibaba quickly figured out what it all meant and quickly came up with the correct entrance. In the right path, they came upon beautiful rainbow like balls and Alibaba dubbed them 'rainbow balls'.

The rainbow balls began cracking and hatching ant like monsters. Aladdin was being eaten by one when Alibaba pulled him out of it. They found themselves surrounded by these ant monsters about to attack when Aladdin summoned Ugo to escape. They managed to escape, but Aladdin became very tired and called back Ugo. They soon realized they were followed by the ant like monsters who had copied Ugo's leg muscles to catch up. Alibaba tried to cut these monsters with his knife, but it went right through them. He realized that they are Slime monsters that are able to take on any appearance. All the Slime then started to merge together and made a King Slime. Aladdin summoned Ugo once again to defeat this monster with Ugo's Heat Magic. He made quick work of the King Slime, but this in turn exhausted Aladdin and he fell into a deep sleep. Alibaba hid him in a crack in the wall to let him rest. After Alibaba fell asleep, he awoke suddenly to hear the voices of Jamil and his two slaves, Morgiana and Goltas. Alibaba thought they would pass without noticing them, but Morgiana smelled them and came into the crack. Though Alibaba became desperate to protect Aladdin, Jamil completely ignored him. Jamil addressed Aladdin as a Magi, much to the wonder of Alibaba. Jamil then took Aladdin and his flute while still ignoring Alibaba. When Alibaba finally got Jamil's attention he was forced to work for him to stick close to Aladdin. Alibaba then translated something Jamil couldn't read making Jamil angry and eventually Alibaba was forced to become the scapegoat for a trap resulting in him falling in a trap door making everyone believe he had perished.

After this, Aladdin woke up. Aladdin was told that Alibaba had went on ahead in the Dungeon and not to worry. They all soon came into a fork in the road with no way of knowing which way of going, Jamil thought it best for him and Goltas to check out one direction with Morgiana staying to watch over Aladdin. While alone, Aladdin tried to make Morgiana laugh and though he succeeded, she became angry with him and told him of Alibaba's presumed demise. Alibaba then came out and told Aladdin to come with him. Aladdin used his Magic Turban to escape Morgiana, but she noticed and tried to stop them. She failed, however, and allowed them to escape. Alibaba told Aladdin how he found a door he couldn't open. Aladdin told him he knew how to open it. Aladdin came up to the doors put both his hands on them and said, "Open Sesame", and the doors opened.

They found themselves walking through a lot of fog, and when it finally cleared, they were amazed at the huge city stretched out before their eyes. As they went exploring, Alibaba decided to name it "Aladdin and Alibaba Park" and how Alibaba would be the Mayor and Aladdin would be his Vice Mayor. They made their way into the tallest building and started to look around, only to find it was an empty storage room. Just when they were about to turn around to look in the other buildings, Goltas blocked the entrance as he was falling down. In the next instant, Morgiana came in and kicked Aladdin off into the distance and followed him to finish him off. Alibaba stayed there to fight Jamil, and even though Jamil was confident in his swordsmanship, he was quickly overwhelmed by Alibaba's own Royal Swordplay. As Jamil became desperate, he screamed for Morgiana to come and save him, which she did at speeds that surprised Alibaba. Even though Alibaba tried to convince her to join his side so she wouldn't have to be a slave anymore, she couldn't bring herself to do it and attacked Alibaba. Jamil ordered her to kill Alibaba and as she was about to finish Alibaba off, Aladdin came to save him by destroying her weapon.

Aladdin summoned a lot of Rukh with a Magic Wand he had found to attack with A MagiMagoi. Aladdin and Morgiana went in for a final clash and he came out as the victor by using Magoi to pin her to a wall. Aladdin then walked over to Jamil to ask for his flute back. Jamil started insisting that Aladdin make him King to which Aladdin responded, "I can't think of anyone less qualified to be King". This made Jamil fall into depression. Aladdin and Alibaba then made their way into the main room where Aladdin touched a pot in the center of the room, summoning Amon. Once summoning him, Amon did an assessment of everyone in the room and quickly realized who Aladdin was.

Ugo was then summoned and began to speak with Amon. Alibaba was allowed to take all the treasure he wanted and Aladdin was told a little of what a Magi is. Just as they were continuing their conversation, the Dungeon started to collapse. Judal was outside, collapsing the Dungeon, saying how it was annoying. Aladdin and Alibaba made haste to the center of the room, where Amon had made an escape route. Amon called over to Morgiana to come too, but she wanted to save Jamil first. Alibaba tried to talk her out of it but she would not stop. Goltas then intercepted her and told her that it was too late for himself and Jamil. He broke the chains on Morgiana's feet and made her leave. Jamil woke up and started looking for Morgiana, only to see her fleeing to safety while he was being crushed under huge boulders. While transporting outside the Dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba decided to have a chat. Alibaba thanked Aladdin for allowing him the chance to Dungeon Dive. Aladdin thanked Alibaba for being his friend and shared his sadness that their journey would end there. Alibaba, however, said that it wasn't the end and that this is just the beginning. In that moment, a light went off and Alibaba woke up where the Dungeon had disappeared. Aladdin woke up in the Kouga Village and Morgiana woke up in the outskirts of the Qishan.

Kouga Arc

When Aladdin awoke from being transported from the Dungeon, he found himself at the Kouga Village, in bed, being served to by Toya. She expressed her happiness that they found him before the wolves got to him. When Aladdin asks if it was her that found him, Toya says it was someone else. The village head, Baba, walks in while referring to Aladdin as 'Rukh Boy'. They then have a conversation on Rukh and she explained to him what it is. Afterwards, they go outside to meet Dorji. Aladdin thanks him and Dorji is happy to see that he is alright. The clan's warriors then starts to discuss the advancement of the Kou Empire. Aladdin wants Ugo to come out and say hello so, he summons him. Everyone is very surprised and this caused everyone to believe he was a Kou Empire spy. He also found out how far away he was from Qishan, the city where he met Alibaba. Everyone is seen having a giant party and Aladdin is happy to see everyone has such a nice family. Baba responds by saying that he has a family too and that one is one made up of his friends (Ugo and Alibaba). She then agrees to be his family, making her his adoptive grandmother.

The next day, Aladdin is seen helping with the chores and during this he gets on an out of control horse. This is when Hakuei Ren comes to save him. She had come to ask everyone in the Kouga Village to become apart of the Kou Empire, to which they all refused. It ended with Kou Empire not being welcome in their village. That night, Aladdin came to visit Hakuei and have a talk with her. She told him how she doesn't want war and Aladdin becomes able to trust her. Later that night, however, all the women from the village get kidnapped by Hakuei's subordinate, Ryosai. The men of the clan goes to rescue them. As Aladdin and Baba went after the Kouga men, she told Aladdin of the Magi legend. The men return with the women, killing no one, making Baba happy.

After giving a great speech on how they shouldn't kill or seek revenge, Baba gets attacked from the shadows with an arrow. This makes her go into a critical condition. This greatly angers everyone else to the point where Baba's spirit despite all of Baba's teachings, they would rush off to war. Dorji was the only one who stayed loyal and tried to talk everyone out of it. Hakuei and Seishun Ri came to the Kouga Clan to talk to them, only to be ambushed by an angry Kouga Clan. As she came to understand the situation, she became very angry with her own men. The Kouga Clan was talked out of doing anything by a revived Baba, who also told Hakuei that they would join the Kou Empire, much to the dismay of everyone else. Later on that day Baba passed away. Her spirit came to talk to Aladdin as they said their last goodbyes.

At that moment, Hakuei was being betrayed by her army and though she fought well, she was ultimately captured. Aladdin felt the connection with her Djinn Metal Vessel and went out to help her. He comes in the nick of time and defeats Ryosai. As Seishun wakes up, Hakuei explains how they both captured a Dungeon. Hakuei's Metal Vessel lights up and when Aladdin touches it, it summons a materialized Paimon. Ugo is summoned and they have an unheard conversation, but Paimon explains how she can't help them. Paimon says she only wants to see Hakuei as King. Afterwards, Aladdin makes the resolve to find and see Alibaba. Aladdin is next seen heading towards a city with Dorji, to hitch a ride with the next caravan to Qishan. He says his goodbyes to everyone of the Kouga Clan and heads out.

Morgiana Arc

Aladdin is next seen as almost becoming a slave. His caravan was captured and freed by Morgiana. The thieves try to lock the slaves away, however, Aladdin summons Ugo and allows everyone to escape. After the battle, both caravans have a huge party. Aladdin again gets to meet Leila and Salsa. Aladdin and Morgiana separate from their caravan's and agree to travel together to Balbadd.

Balbadd Arc

Aladdin and Morgiana is are walking through the forest, when they come across a naked Sinbad. They instantly see him as an enemy, but Sinbad assures them he isn't. They get to know Sinbad. He tells of his view of an adventure and Aladdin takes a liking to him. As they continue walking, they arrive at Balbadd.

They look around until they make their way to the hotel Sinbad is staying at. He says he will pay for anything they want including food and board. Later on they had their meal, Sinbad's treat. Aladdin and Morgiana were then introduced to Jafar and Masrur then Morgiana noticed how Masrur was a Fanalis, a fact that surprised her. During this it was revealed that Aladdin was a Magi. This surprised Sinbad and he mentioned knowing another Magi, referring to Judal. Because Sinbad knew who Aladdin was, he thought it was best to reveal who he was. He revealed that he was the legendary Sinbad, but Aladdin didn't seem to know anyway. Sinbad was surprised by this and a little upset. Because Sinbad didn't have any Metal Vessels, due to them being stolen, he asked for Aladdin's help to capture the Fog Troupe. Morgiana decided it best to help Sinbad and help look for Alibaba. Though Sinbad didn't want Morgiana's help because she was a girl, his worry was quickly put to rest by Aladdin. Aladdin noted how she had destroyed an entire thieves guild by herself.

Afterwards they decided to go over a battle strategy. Since they didn't know which side would be attacked, Sinbad and Masrur went to one side of the bay to wait for an attack while Aladdin, Morgiana, and Jafar went to the other side. When night fell, Sinbad's group was met with starving citizens who were trying to steal food from the rich, which upon seeing the condition they were in, Sinbad allowed. On the other hand Aladdin's group met with an attacking Fog Troupe. They attacked with Zaynab's Magical Weapon that makes hallucinogenic fog. Aladdin was the only one out of the trio to be effected since it doesn't work on strong willed people. Morgiana smelled its dangers and managed to escape. Aladdin had a hallucination of Alibaba. While in the fog, the Fog Troupe was attacking. Hassan was helping attack by breaking in people's houses with his Magical Weapon. They were met with by Jafar and Morgiana's attack. Jafar and Morgiana were stopped by Kassim's black binding fog attack. Once Jafar and Morgiana were successfully pinned down, Aladdin woke up. He immediately summoned Ugo. He wouldn't allow the Fog Troupe to pass.

At that moment, Alibaba revealed himself as one of the masked members of the Fog Troupe. Alibaba asked Aladdin if he could stand down and allow his men to continue. Aladdin called back Ugo and told Alibaba that he was happy to see him and that he had a lot to tell him. Aladdin said that they had a promise to travel together. Much to the horror of Aladdin, Alibaba responded saying sorry and that he can't keep that promise. Alibaba then summons Amon to allow his men to escape. By creating a giant fire wall, all of the Fog Troupe successfully escape. Aladdin is depressed from what happened with Alibaba. Even though Morgiana tries to cheer him up, nothing worked. Morgiana decides that Alibaba and Aladdin need to talk, so she goes out to get Alibaba and returns with him to allow them their talk.

When they finally finish talking, Kassim comes, knocking down the walls. He says he was worried when their leader suddenly disappeared, so he brought the group to come looking for him. By the end of it all Aladdin told Alibaba that he wanted to help him and that they should figure something out together. Kassim than breaks down the door to get Alibaba back. The Fog troupe starts to attack the hotel they were staying at and so Sinbad, Masrur, and Jafar begin to fight them. Morgiana tries to attack Kassim, but is saved by Alibaba. Part way through they realize that Sinbad is there and try to capture him but fail due to Sinbad's Magoi Control. Sinbad turns his attention to Alibaba and after Sinbad insults the Fog Troupe, Alibaba gets offended and begins to fight him.

Though it looked like Alibaba had the upper hand, he was quickly defeated. Once the fog troupe's leader was defeated and Kassim captured, a little more then half chose to run. Sinbad said that he just wanted to see how many people were truly dedicated to the group and that he really wanted to help them. After Sinbad agrees to help, he takes Alibaba to see Ahbmad Saluja and Sahbmad Saluja to discuss things over. While there, not only did Alibaba not get a chance to talk things out with the king, but he was even completely ignored. Judal made his appearance while they were talking. Judal passed by Aladdin who noted that Judal was like a black sun.

Judal interrupted the conversation Alibaba was trying to make and started his own thing. Later on when Alibaba was feeling distraught because of his meeting with the King, Sinbad encouraged him saying that they came from just a thieves guild to an actual movement who met with the king. Judal made another appearance and started talking to Sinbad until he noticed something was weird about the Rukh around Aladdin. When Sinbad told him it's because Aladdin was a magi, Judal felt it hard to believe. So he decided to test him attacking him with a punch. After Judal found out who Aladdin is, he decided to fight Aladdin by having a test of firing Magoi. This turned out to be useless because those kinds of attacks don't work on Magi. Although Judal did come to accept Aladdin as a magi, he attacks Aladdin with magic and this proves too much for Aladdin's previous defense, forcing him to call out Ugo.

Once done, the battle heats up, but ends with Judal's defeat. Before Ugo can give the finishing blow, Judal is saved by Kougyoku Ren and her assistant Ka Koubun. Ugo tries to attack Kougyoku, but is quickly defeated. Aladdin, furious, attacks Kougyoku, but their fight is stopped by Sinbad. After the fight, Aladdin falls unconscious from extreme exhaustion. Aladdin is next seen in his dreams talking to the head of Ugo. Ugo teaches him what he needs to know as a Magi and what he is supposed to do. Ugo tells Aladdin that he wont be coming back because he used all his Magoi saving Aladdin, but that its OK because Aladdin has friends and doesn't need him anymore. Aladdin then leaves and outside his body is being surrounded by Rukh, but he looks better then he did.

Aladdin is next seen flying on his magic turban at incredible speed surrounded by Rukh towards Balbadd's palace. He arrives just in time to save Alibaba. After unleashing his magic in the shape of Ugo he realizes he couldn't win without Alibaba's help. He encouraged Alibaba, telling him that the people of his country are thankful to him and that they all believe in him. Aladdin then uses Solomon's Wisdom to help Alibaba gain Magoi. Aladdin summoned a large amount of Magoi to use his heat magic to shoot at Alibaba to power up Alibaba's Djinn Weapon Equip. After this, Alibaba attacks Kassim's dark monster manifestation again only to see Kassim inside. Aladdin sends Alibaba inside of the dark monster to talk to Kassim while Aladdin holds off Judal. When Alibaba is sad that Kassim has passed, Aladdin once again uses the Wisdom of Solomon to summon Kassim from the Rukh. Alibaba says his goodbyes to Kassim.

Sindria Arc

Fat Aladdin 6 months after the events in Balbadd, Aladdin and Alibaba were so depressed that they overcame it by eating. Jafar tells Sinbad that they had starting feeling better and despite refusing to eat at first, they eventually did. Sinbad tells Aladdin and Alibaba to run, and through this trainng program , Alibaba lost all of his fat. Aladdin lost weight on his arms, around his head, and on his chest. Before heading out to the next dungeon, he trains with Yamuraiha to expand and sharpen his magic skills while Alibaba trains with Sharrkan. Once Hakuryuu arrives, he and Alibaba are given the job of watching over the prince and mentoring him. He, along with the rest of his group and Hakuryuu, is accompanied to the village where Zagan (Dungeon) is located by Pisti. He runs into Alibaba's exiled brothers in this village.

Zagan Arc

Once inside Zagan, he and the rest of his companions quickly engaged in numerous battles against inhabitants who were very different from Amon's dungeon. From earlier training, Alibaba and Aladdin were able to further develop their partnering skills, supporting and aiding each other in harmony. A creature calling himself Zagan appeared and said that they would have to undergo several trials to get the the treasury. Seeing how Ren felt insecure about how he kept getting saved by his comrades, Zagan split them into two groups. Here Ren displayed the power to manipulate magoi, but his heroism was short lived, once he started to run out of Magoi. Morgiana managed to defeat the remaining golems, and they were able to proceed. Aladdin and Alibaba also managed to get past their trial. Afterwards, the two groups reunited, but a battle with Zagan started soon after their reunion. During the battle, Morgiana managed to activate her household vessel. They managed to win the battle thanks to Morgiana, who became exhausted from overuse of Magoi. It was revealed shortly afterwards that this was not the real Zagan that had attacked them!

Aladdin and the others then continued to fight Dunya Mustashim and her partners Isaac and Isnan after they defeated the Fake Zagan on their way to the treasure room, during this battle Aladdin displayed the ability to use water magic. Dunya was a powerful opponent, who used a dark metal vessel. She displayed the ability to use full body Djinn Equip. In the battle with Isaac, Alibaba was able to change Amons Djinn Equip form into that of a blade more suitable for his fighting style. Ren appeared after taking Morgiana and a girl from the village that had followed them into the dungeon to a safe place. After the three of them were together, the battle with Dunya, Isaac, and the mysterious masked man began. Dunya attempted to use her extreme magic, but Aladdin tricked her with his water magic, and created a mirage of himself. This gave Alibaba the opportunity to decapitate the masked man, and Dunya ran out of Magoi. It is then revealed that Isaac is simply a sand doll from Dunya's past. Aladdin used his Wisdom of Solomon to understand Dunya and her past, and learned of Isaacs true identity. Isaac was a knight in the Mustashim kingdom, where Dunya was a princess when she was young. The royal family was overthrown in this kingdom, so isaac had to protect Dunya with his life. When they were younger, they had a brother sister relationship. Dunya asked everyone (those who overthrew her kingdom) why they were doing this, and their reply was "Fate". From that moment Dunya cursed fate, and fell into depravity. Aladdin summoned Isaacs rukh, and Dunya was purified from her depravity after receiving Isaacs feelings.

They then met with the real Zagan who apologized for the fake's behavior saying he couldn't do anything about because a Djinn cant leave their treasure room. After he apologized, he gave some Magoi to Morgiana to heal her, since she was in a near death state. He then stated that his new owner would be Ren, saying that he was the only one suitable to be his master. He sensed Rens uneasiness, and told him that Alibaba would not have been a proper candidate, since he has yet to master Amon. He also told Ren that his Magoi manipulation was compatible with his own powers. Before leaving the dungeon however, a mysterious snake bit Ren. Afterwards they were transported out of the dungeon along with a new Djinn, and the rescued villagers, who were saved after the dungeon was cleared.

Second Sindria Arc

Aladdin tells Sinbad that he knew that there were three other Magi but did not know them personally, and he asks if Sinbad has met any of them. Sinbad says he has met all three and names them: Judar of the Kou Empire, the Wandering Magi, Yunan, and Scheherazade of the Reim Empire. After explaining that Yunan raised the first dungeons and Scheherazade has supported Reim for 200 years, he asks Aladdin if he could go to Reim as the Magi of the Sindria Kingdom. Aladdin reminds Sinbad he is not the Magi of Sindria yet, prompting Sinbad to leave and ask Aladdin to think about it.

Shortly after their talk, Aladdin witnesses Isnan's resurrection from Hakuryuu's hand and prepares to fight. As Isnan rushes to attack Alibaba, Aladdin senses something odd. Isnan is cut in half by Alibaba, and his blood splashes on both Alibaba and Sinbad, leaving a "curse" on them. After Isnan leaves, Aladdin is worried about Alibaba, but Sinbad reveals that this curse is just magic. Yamraiha says there must be a way to cancel it, Aladdin declares that he will undo the magic to save them.

After Sinbad leaves to deal with Isnan, Yamraiha shows Aladdin the Transfer Magic Circle and explains the barriers that cover Sindria. Shortly after Sinbad kills Isnan, Aladdin worries as Alibaba's condition worsens. Sinbad returns and asks Aladdin to save Alibaba and inquires about his hidden power. Aladdin understands and uses Solomon's Wisdom to go inside Alibaba. He sees some of Alibaba's memories and then he notices Isnan is there. Aladdin requests he leave Alibaba to which Isnan says he is very weak and could be easily defeated by a Magi. Aladdin interrogates Isnan about the motive of Al-Samen, Isnan says he wants to free everything from its destiny which can only be done by falling into depravity. Aladdin explains that destiny allows the world to advance further and a world that can't advance will end up like Alma Toran. Isnan is surprised that Aladdin knows about Alma Toran and tells Aladdin to erase him. Instead, he uses Solomon's Wisdom on Isnan and sees what actually happened to Alma Toran and Isnan disappears after. Aladdin prepares to leave Alibaba, but first, he thanks the part of Kassim's Rukh that joined with Alibaba and slowed the curse down.

Aladdin's turban gets fixed by Yamraiha which he is really thankful for. She tells him the red jewel is a magical tool so fixing it wasn't difficult and then tells him to be careful with it as magical tools are really useful for magicians. Aladdin then asks Yamraiha about Household Vessels, she tells him that magicians can't use them because their magic might interfere with each other. Later, Aladdin impersonates Isnan for Dunya and plays chess with her. He asks why she hasn't talked to anyone but him, and she responds that all of the people here have ties with Magnostadt since Yamraiha is with them. Sinbad then comes to see Dunya and tries to explain that Sindria is not connected to Magnostadt to no avail.

Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana are later seen talking in bed. Alibaba says that Hakuryuu will be leaving soon and that he will miss him, then he declares they should all stay in Sindria, but Aladdin interrupts him and tells them that soon, he will go on journey alone.

Pirates Arc

World Exploration Arc

Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, and Morgiana had parted ways, Aladdin rode his Magic Turban towards Magnoshutatt. After flying for some time, he began to get tired. He realized he couldn't sleep on the turban, and he had no food with him. He saw a large Caravan, and thought he should ask for a ride. He flew down, and asked the chief of the Caravan if he could ride along with them. At first he was reluctant, but then Aladdin showed him his reward from beating the Dungeon, Zagan (most likely something around a small fortune), and the chief was more then happy to oblige. The chief told him to keep his mouth shut, and not bother the other guest. It wasn't long before the Caravan was attacked by a group of thieves. Aladdin was ready to take them on, but before he got the chance, a man with a large sword appeared and wiped out the thieves. Aladdin was amazed at the power of this person, but also at the thieves, because they were using Magic Tools. The man then introduced himself to Aladdin as Kouha Ren. Aladdin realized he was talking to Hakuryuu's cousin! After introducing himself to Aladdin, Kouha told him that he used his Metal Vessel, Nyoi Rentou. He has the ability to alter the size of his sword, enlarging it or retracting it at will. Aladdin was impressed, and Kouha was very friendly. They became friends, and they rode to Magnoshutatt together. Kouha asked Aladdin why he was going, and Aladdin told him to enter the Magnoshutatt Academy. When Aladdin asked the same question to Kouha, he seemed reluctant to answer. They ignored the topic during the rest of the trip, and simply enjoyed their time together, braiding each others hair etc. A few days passed, and Kouha dropped him off at the Magicians entrance into the capital, and wished him good luck. They said their goodbyes, and went their separate ways.

Aladdin proceeded to the entrance, where they would test if he was a magician or not with Bolg. Aladdin was scared, not because of the spell, but because he couldn't tell anyone he was a Magi. Before he left, Yamuraiha gave him a special magic tool. The Magoi Reverse Tool, which kept the Magoi of the user going into one direction. This meant that Aladdin would temporarily be able to stop the rukh from providing him with Magoi, and make it look like he was just an average magician. He was able to pass the entrance into the capital, but now he had to undergo the entrance into the academy. There was a flashback of Yamuraiha telling Sinbad how in Magnoshutatt, there was 6 Kodors ( or ranks in a way). 1st was the best, and 6th was the worst. Yamu said she was confident that Aladdin could get into the 1st Kodor. During Aladdins exam, however, he attempted to cast heat magic, and was only able to conjure up a small spark. He ended up being placed in the 6th Kodor. He was walking in the halls of the academy looking for his Sphintus . When he finally arrived there, he met his room mate, Sphintus Carmen. Sphintus saw that he was in the 6th Kodor, and teased him. He then saw his schedule, which he said was full of body-strengthening classes, and teased him some more. When he went to clas the next day, he met his teacher, Myers. She seemed harsh at first, and was very strict. She told them that they were put into the 6th Kodor because their bodies were weak. Many protested, saying magicians didn't need strong bodies, but she denied that. She told them a magician needs a powerful body to cast powerful magic. Her training was harsh, and after only one month, only 5 people remained in her class, Aladdin being one of them. Every night, Aladdin would return to his dorm, starving and tired, and he would go straight to sleep. The next day, he met with Myers and his last four class mates. She told them she was proud of them, and that they would now continue with improving their magical capibilities.

When Aladdin is next seen, he was with Myers and the other four students in a large room. Myers told Aladdin to pour his magoi into a magical tool, when he did, his head burst into flames, but he seemed fine afterward. She explained that this meant Aladdins magic specialty was Flame Magic. She also told him that he was now classified as a "Red Magician". His classmates had been told their magical specialties too, ranging from Lightning, to Wind, to Water. They then began training in these elements. In the Next scene, they are seen practising magic, and Aladdins classmate casts a moderately powerful water magic, which was much more powerful then when he had cast the same spell one month ago. Aladdin tries the same with Halharl Infigar, and sees that his magic was also a lot more powerful. Myers tells them that this is because their magic limits on their bodies had now been removed. She explained that all magic has recoil, and Rukh purposely makes magic weaker so as not to hurt the users body, but if the users body is strong, the limit disappears. Myers then tells them that they would now find out what their second element was, which was the element they were most compatible with. She told Aladdin that his was wind, since it was directly opposite fire in the eight element diagram. She then told Aladdin to try using the 5th Type Magic Aid Tube to cast wind magic. Aladdin listened to the rukh inside the tube, and was able to cast minor wind magic which created a small tornado. Myers explained that all elements were most compatible with the element across them in the 8 elements chart. For example, water magic is very compatible with sound magic.

Then, two months had past. It was time for their exam, and it was Aladdin's turn. When he showed the scale of his magic, everyone was amazed. In just two months, Aladdin's Halharl Infigar had grown exponentially in size. There was no question, Aladdin was moved to the first Kodor without dispute. Myers seemed to be very proud of all of them, especially Aladdin, since they had all moved up in the ranks. Afterwards, Aladdin was seen training his magic with his old classmates, such as when he trained his Sharrl Raaki, and showed how that had also become much more powerful. It had become much larger in scale and could now hit multiple targets. It wasn't long before one year passed.

Magnoshutatt Arc

Here Aladdin was shown at an examination again, and everyone was eager to see his magic. He displayed large scale water magic, in which he was able to create a duplicate mirage of the entire Magnoshutatt academy. Nobody had any doubts, he would be the number one student of the year. It was later shown that sfintus had also entered the 1st Kodor. They were at a ceremony, and the valedictorian of the year was about to be revealed. Everyone expected it to be Aladdin, but when they said the name, it wasn't. It was a young boy called Titus Alexius. Sphintus protested for Aladdins sake, and the announcer replied that there was indeed two excellent students this year, but that he would not take protest. There was a gathering after, and Aladdin was talking to Sphintus. Titus appeared and greeted Aladdin, while Aladdin had a perplexed look on his face. Aladdin then felt Titus' chest, and then explained that he was actually checking to see if Titus was a woman, since he had long haird and a "big bottom". Sphintus found this hilarious, while titos was insulted. Then, walking down a staircase, the Chancellor of the academy, Matal Mogamett, appeared. Everyone but Aladdin kneeled, while Aladdin just stood there confused. Sphintus asked him if he had seen all the portraits around school, and told him how his face was everywhere. Matal walked up to Aladdin, and acted very non-challante about it. He spoke aloud about how he wondered that if he had a grandson, would he be like Aladdin, a young genius magician? Afterwards, he pointed out how Aladdin and Titus were fighting, and told them that if they were fighting, they should have a death match of magic. He told them that the winner would stay, and the loser would be kicked out the academy. Some time passed, and the time of the battle had come.

There was Titus and Aladdin in the battle field. The announcer said neither could leave while the other was still alive. Aladdin was thinking to himself, and wanted to finish the battle quickly. He began with a more aggresive start then usual, performing several kinds of magic, one after the other. He began with Light Magic, which was blocked by Titus with his water magic. He followed up with a lightning attack, which was also blocked by Titus with Wind Magic. Then Aladdin used his signature move, Halharl Infigar, a fire magic of very large scale. Everyone though Titus was finished, but he had also countered this, with Ice magic of equal scale. The announcer commented that even though Aladdin only had a mid-level magoi capacity, he was still very powerful ( little did they know he was a Magi). Aladdin then used a magic that he had never showed before. Gravity magic which used sand to create a giant which was modeled after Ugo. The giant was extremely large, and Aladdin said he had not named the magic yet, but that he would name it now. He said he would name it after a friend, "Ugo-kun". Titus is seen being repeatedly attacked, without anyway to counter.

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