Aladdin is a character on the ABC series Once Upon a Time. He makes his first appearance in "The Savior" and is portrayed by Deniz Akdeniz. He is a former thief and was known as the Savior before Emma Swan became it.

In Agrabah as a thief, Aladdin is hired by Princess Jasmine to obtain the Diamond of the Rough from the Cave of Wonders. After helping her, he is told by Princess Jasmine that he is to be the Savior of Agrabah by defeating Jafar. After Princess Jasmine leaves, he is confronted by Jafar who tells him that in the end, he will die as the Savior. Jafar gives Aladdin a pair of scissors as a way to remove himself as the Savior, but Aladdin choose to not do so, instead, he saves Princess Jasmine and the Sultan of Agrabah from Jafar by breaking Jafar's staff. Sometime later, Aladdin takes refuge in a hideout cottage somewhere in the desert following a hand tremor and is taken care by the Oracle. One day, he is visited by a man from a kingdom in Agrabah, seeking help from Aladdin to defeat a great evil. Moments later, Jafar walks into the cottage, where he kills the man and knocks out the Oracle. After he mocks Aladdin on his role as the Savior, Aladdin asks Jafar to kill him. Jafar however refuses to do so and wishes to see him without a happy ending as Jafar claims that saviors do not get happy endings. Using the scissors given to him by Jafar in the past, he strips himself from being the Savior and relocates to the Enchanted Forest. When the Evil Queen cast the Dark Curse, Aladdin is send to the Land Without Magic.

Years later, Emma finds Aladdin in an underground cemetery. He gives her the scissors as a back up plan for her as she is the current Savior. He later reunites with Princess Jasmine. He is later informed by Princess Jasmine that Agrabah and everyone in it vanished.

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