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Alakazam is the main protagonist of the Japanese film Alakazam the Great.

He is a monkey who was encouraged by other monkeys to become king. He becomes rude and dictatorial when he does become king and denies humans being any greater than him. He then tricks and forces Merlin to teach him magic, though he warns Alakazam that his magic will bring him unhappiness later. His arrogance causes him to abuse his magic powers and fight against King Amo. Alakazam loses and is imprisoned in a cave.

For the rest of his sentence, he serves as the bodyguard of Amo's son Prince Amat on a pilgrimage (with some kind of unremovable headband) to learn humility, mercy, and to fight wisely. On the pilgrimage, he convinces two respective villains: a pig named Sir Quigley Broken Bottom and a cannibal named Max Lulipopo to join his pilgrimage, possibly with his magic, which Fester eventually takes away (working for King Gruesome). He later becomes a hero, especially when Fester regrets his work (as Gruesome had promised him a reward and it had turned out to be a lie) and Lulipopo is about to kill him.

However, telling the cannibal that he (Alakazam) wasn't any better than Fester at one time, Alakazam convinces Lulipopo to release him. He then saves the prince from King Gruesome, gets to be without the headband, and later marries DeeDee, the female monkey who was patient with him, even during his sentence. His singing voice is done by teen idol Frankie Avalon, with his speaking voice done by the late (and then-uncredited) Peter Fernandez.

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