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Have I got a shock for you, you stupid toy!
~ Aber Abernathy, while being about to destroy Chip Hazard

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Alan Abernathy is a 15-year-old teenage boy and one of the two main protagonists of the 1998 movie Small Soldiers, the other being Archer. He was played by Gregory Smith. He is the son of a toy shop owner.


Alan is the 10-year boy who have been expelled from school for pulling pranks and causing havoc. It resulted in the destruction of his school, and Alan couldn't shake off his reputation as the troublemaker.

His parents moved to Chicago, Illinois, hoping to start over. Despite his mistakes, he wants to redeem himself by aiding his father in the toy shop. He befriends the Gorgonites and becomes their loyal protector. He also develops a romantic bond with Christy Fimple, the girl next-door.

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