You think that mosquitos, monkeys, and lions are bad? That is just the beginning. I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares. Things you can't even imagine. Things you can't even see. There are things that hunt you in the night. Then something screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you're not dessert. Afraid? You don't even know what afraid is. You would not last five minutes without me.
~ Alan Parrish as an adult, as he is warning Judy and Peter about the dangers of Jumanji
~ Alan Parrish, as a kid, when he gets sucked into Jumanji

Alan Parrish is the main protagonist of the 1995 fantasy film Jumanji and a posthumous character in the 2017 sequel/spinoff Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

He was portrayed by the late Robin Williams (who also played Mork McConnell, Daniel Hillard, Peter Banning, Jack Powell, Lovelace, Professor Phillip Brainard and Genie) as an adult and Adam Hann-Byrd as his younger self.


Alan was first seen in 1969 as a 12-year-old boy riding his bike from a group of bullies. After he discovers a cursed board game called "Jumanji", he and his best friend Sarah began playing the game and Alan is sucked into the board game.

Twenty-six years later in 1995, he is released out of the board game by two orphaned children named Judy and Peter Shepherd and decides to continue to play the game and reunite with Sarah. After several vines appear and the villainous game hunter, Van Pelt appears, a stampede wrecks his house and Peter transforms into a monkey while trying to cheat. Alan shows up just in time after being taken away by a police officer (his old friend from his dad's shoe factory). After a monsoon floods his house along with two large crocodiles and the flood lets out, Alan gets stuck in quicksand and large venomous spiders appear.

After Alan is freed from the floor of the attic while an earthquake rips his house in half, Alan finally wins the game before Van Pelt shoots him and Sarah as Van Pelt and all of the jungle elements are sucked back into the board game. Alan and Sarah have found themselves back in the past as children before they began playing the game. Alan makes amends with his father after having gone through a painful experience in the alternate timeline. He worried about Judy and Peter before Sarah tells them that they don't exist yet, which makes them safe. Alan and Sarah then decided to throw the "Jumanji" game into the river before they begin a romantic relationship.

By the end of the film, Alan and Sarah are now married and expecting their first child together. Alan's parents have retired but are still alive and Alan is now charge of his father's company. They meet Judy and Peter and their parents Jim and Martha. Alan and Sarah quickly convince Jim to start work at the shoe factory instead of going on a skiing trip in Canada and Jim agrees, thus preventing his and Martha's death in the previous timeline.



  • Before Robin Williams was cast as Alan's adult self, Tom Hanks was the first choice to play Alan Parrish.
  • Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Sean Penn, Kevin Costner, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Douglas, Rupert Everett, Harrison Ford, Andy Garcia, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Michael Keaton, Kevin Kline, Bill Murray, Bill Paxton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, John Goodman, Tim Allen, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Bruce Campbell, Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Howie Mandel, Jeff Daniels, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Bacon, Bill Pullman and Tom Cruise were also considered for the role.
  • Bruce Willis was considered for the role of Alan. But due to him shooting Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), he was unavailable.
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