Alana Hudson was a friend of Josh Harris and Austin Bradley. During the Angel's Game, she was given the role of "the Dreamer".

The Angel's Game

Alana decided to start a YouTube channel after her friend, Josh Rallus, discussed how much he enjoyed vlogging with her, something he later claimed he didn't remember doing. Although her first several videos were devoid of any strange occurrences, she eventually found herself getting involved in the same unknown events that Josh was. Alana was intended to be kept out of the ongoing Game, which the Dweller attempted to warn Josh about repeatedly. He also sent several cryptic letters to Alana herself, offering her more direct warnings.

With her being kept out no longer an option, the Dweller later gave her the role of "the Dreamer", possibly due to the strange dreams she had been having at the time. Because she was dragged into the events of the Game, she was later killed by the Other, who was under the influence of the Creature. Her death resulted in Josh attempting to kill himself, which ultimately lead to the birth of Emet Rotter. Using the Rift, Emet inserted some of the Dweller's power into Alana prior to her death, which eventually grew into the entity known as the Dreamer. After Alana's death, the Dreamer remained in the Rift within her house until Stephen Patrick arrived and unknowingly "collected" him into his body.


The alternate universe's version of Alana, along with some of her friends, were planning to start some sort of video project, but were forced to stop because of Mr. Collector, who had made her one of his six targets in his Game. However, Collector ceased killing his targets after murdering Tyler Greene. Alana was mostly kept out of the events that followed, largely unaware of what was actually going on around her. In December, Alana met up with Josh for the first time in several months and accompanied him as he and Austin killed Collector and threw his body into the lake behind Stephen's house, much to her surprise.

Alana later visited Josh's house and demanded answers about what was going on, which Josh agreed to give her. When Josh left the room to get something to show her, Alana looked around and discovered a cooler covered in blood. When Josh returned and saw her looking at it, he demanded that she leave, which she did. According to Collector, who had been revived by the Rift in the lake, Alana and her family later moved out of town.

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