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is one of the protagonist of the movie Boo Zino & The Snurks. She's the daughter of the mayor, but she disobey her father's orders everytime. She's also the love interest of Zeck the villains of the series. She was first participated to race without her father permission and do not see Zeck who see her after ruined her car. She was punish by her father for participated to the race. When the dalamite is stolen she jump into the vortex with the others. She realise she was in the real world with all of the snurks Boo and Zino. She meet their creator and also meet the villainous Professor N. Icely. They defeated him and they return to their house. but when her father told to kiss Zino she decide to kiss Zeck. She protecting him by saying all snurks included Zino and Boo are all heroes.