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Hey, guys!
~ Alan.

Alantutorial is the unseen main protagonist of the alantutorial mythos.

He is responsible for recording and uploading all of the YouTube videos that make up the alantutorial canon. He is created by, portrayed by, and named after artist Alan Resnick.


Alan is a young man with a passion for giving tutorials. The videos he creates are intended teach the viewer how to do various things that may or may not serve any practical purpose.

Alan is soft-spoken and often seems very anxious or unsure of himself. He frequently asks viewers to like and favorite his videos and subscribe to his channel, often several times in the same video. He displays a strange affinity for slats of wood and is apparently quite attached to his blue chair, as he becomes very distressed when it falls over. His mental soundness is questionable; he often seems unaware of his surroundings and unable to identify everyday objects and substances, such as water.

Alan's face has yet to be seen in any of his videos. Not much is known about Alan's life outside of his obsession with tutorials. He lived in a small one-room apartment, apparently alone, until he locked himself out of it. In one video someone is heard loudly knocking on the door; the identity of this person has not been revealed. Alan is apparently quite reclusive and seems to avoid human contact: prior to being locked out of his apartment he never seemed to leave his room, and he was once seen hastily running away when confronted with another person .

He is currently being held, seemingly against his will, in an unknown location by an unknown party.

As time would go on, Alan's room would become more decayed and decried until eventually looking uninhabitable, due to how much of a mess it has become. Alan's final video shows hims busting a hole through the wall of his room, signifying that he may have been able to escape his capture. His fate afterwards is completely unknown.